I would like to make the complaint to the authorities for scamming and cheating by and their social trading, they use a name of a trader milionare704 who is supposed to be a millionaire with a great track record and use different real names of this 'trader' - they also don't disclose properly his open trades with thousands if percent loss and keeping positions for months,

See here:

They use many different articles under different invented names of the real trader milionare704:

Please see the example:

and here:

Please let others know and check by yourself

So Superman704 is a nice Jewish man living in New York named Avi Flamovitz and is also a native of Leeds named Trent Crowdley. :D

Does he also have a job as a reporter for the Daily Planet in Metropolis under the name Clark Kent? :p

If you've got some spare time on your hands, you could have a lot of fun with live chat asking first about one story and then pointing out the alternative story. I'll bet some work in Google might reveal a few more names.