investment strategy copying. Help needed with AI portfolio.

:) I don't aim to persuade you that this is not correct. However, I believe in a theory of many doors. When the door gets closed in front of you, that only means that you need to have a look where is the emergency exit there.
Speaking of AI thematic portfolio of that this thread stated with. Do you think these guys were desperate when AI was in a major drawdown? Do you think they will really be upset if it does again?
Absolutely! They won't! Moreover, they know it will sooner or later, but they have a plan. And a plan B. And probably a plan C. That's why I actually support the idea of using professional analytics. They always think in advance.
Well, in this case I once again need to remind you that there might be some sense in the idea of investig in a few ETFs rather than following some broker's team decisions. Nothing personal,, just in case you guys are reading :) I just mean that you need to either invest in's thematic portfolio as much as they ask as the min. investment. Or follow some other guys. Don't try to copy a few stocks that they've invested in as you can only see the top of the iceberg here.
Once again, thanks for the advice. In fact, right now I'm neither copying the public part of portfolio, nor anybody else's. At the moment it looks like an investment portfolio of my own, that consists of stocks that I like.
Forget it all about the artificial inteligence. It's a bubble! Whatever companies the index consists of ( compilation or not) - the essense is the same. This is a bubble and it is about to blow up.
Buying highs? Good luck!
Don't you see anything suspicious on this AI ETF chart?!!
AI ETF chart.png
Well, to me the chart looks pretty much similar to what Bitcoin looked like in the beginning of 2017 LOL
We all know what's happened next.


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Well, in fact it could be that the artificial inteligence potential has been overestimated on the market, however, in 2020 's AI portfolio was one of the most sucessful ones.
The winner is always the one who is right.
AI driven cars, robots, datamining solutions - these are all very impressive achievements and there is more to come. The only AI implementation I wasn't really impressed with was Art. Music, pictures and texts created by AIs - they do suck.
I won't argue. You can think whatever you want of AI's future, but I am abolutely sure that your's "there is more to come" expectation has already been included in the price of AI driven companies.
Guys, I'm collecting some opinion on as I think the company can be a scam brokerge that manipulates quotes. Please let me know if you know anything about it or had any issues with executions yourself. Thanks in advance!