Trade in BTC to benefit from valuate fluctuations with Cryptorocket


CryptoRocket Representative
BTC moves drastically - and if you want to trade but not miss out on that movement, use BITS

With the launch of our new customer dashboard, one of the facets of the system that we offer is allowing users to store their balances in bitcoin rather than a USD value only.

We use the BIT format. BITs are microbits, a millionth of a BTC - so that if users trade with us they don't miss out on the Bitcoin price fluctuations if that is what they want, or they can switch to a USD to secure their funds against those sort of wild fluctuations. Not many offer this options and we think it gives our users a fantastic opportunity to used leveraged trading with their BTC, but also it allows them to safeguard against price decline too - if that is what they prefer.

Deposits via BTC, Card and Wire

For deposit purposes we only take BTC, but we partnered up with a payment gateway so that users can use card payments directly (and wire transfer) - they in turn also handle the KYC process for card purchases for AML reasons and our accounts are secured with 2FA for your safety.

On the other hand this also means we can offer same day withdrawals, and we have a 24/7 support team with live chat ready to answer questions and queries.

Safeguard your BTC at current value
If through the lifecycle of your trading journey you'd rather swap the value of your current BTC - stored in BITs, to a USD value to freeze that value and protect against BTC dropping, you can do exactly that by transferring to USD. This protects you against a BTC price drop, and you can still trade with the USD equivalent designation - and transfer back when it is advantageous for you to do so to BITs.

Give us a try - you'll be amazed by our professionalism, and our excellent spreads!