I signed up for a Managed Account , ZE , who did a very good job at growing my Accounts ( I took out 2 more), then ZE said we had to transfer to Trade Market , because they had `Security issues`, after a few weeks , Trade Market , said they had to do an Upwndate . During the Update they changed my risk setting to very High, and must have used the Auto Trader , as it took over 700 Trades in the 3 days the site was shut down, on one Account alone , until all the money was gone. I contacted them , they said they could not find anything wrong on their side ( normal Trading is 10 -- 20 Trades per day ( this would have been about 60), They descrbed it as UNFORTUNATE that I had lost 1/2 Million Pounds, They stopped answering my emails
In trusting your hard earned money to complete stranger(s), you are putting yourself at their mercy.

We will need more details than what you have posted above together with evidences and then we shall see how we can help.
Hello I did as much research on ZE as I could , found nothing , and was more than happy with the results , that ZE generated ( perhaps they were too good). An email from ZE said they had to shut down for a short while , and the Accounts had to be transferred to Trade-Market, I replied that I was willing to wait until they came back online , but I was told that if I did not transfer I would have difficulty with withdrawal ( which for one of the accounts was due on 2nd December), so the transfer took place on the 13th September. Trading started with Trade Market after, about a week. I selected Low risk settings £100 and £250 / trade.. The trading was normal for a few days , then on 30th September Trade -Market said that they had to do an Update. Trading Restarted on the 4th Oct, and when I logged on to my Accounts they only had a few pounds left. I could see that my risk setting had been changed to very high ( £1000/ per trade) , and over 700 plus trades , had taken place , whilst the Site was closed for the Update . So contacted Trade- Market , by email asking what had happened, They replied that they would look into it. They replied , that they could not find anything wrong , from their side and that I had just been `UNFORTUNATE`. I have sent numerous emails , to try and get them to investigate , it properly, they stopped replying.
In addition to the above , I contacted ZE by email , asking for their help in persuading , Trade -Market to look at again , as it was due to their direction , that the Accounts had been Transferred , no replies to my many , emails. The Trade Adviser that I was assigned by Trade Market , shut down her Skype contact , after I asked her to help , after I explained what had gone on , during the Update
Hello I deposited £5000 in April 2016 , with Visa Card , followed by opening Second Account £ 5000 ( Visa) in May , and Third Account £10000 (Visa), in June
Hello I see `Vetron ` is reporting the same Experience , with Trade-Market, the Question is How much ZE new about , their activities
Since you deposited with Visa Card, then you should immediately report to your bank who issued the card about your case since there is a high possibility that the bank will see your case as a fraud/scam and can order a charge back to your card.
I am not sure how that works but I believe that ancient one who has been here at the FPA like forever...i.e. Pharaoh...and most probably FxMaster and a few other smarter and more intelligent FPA members will fill you on the details.
Reading `Vetron `s report , I see you are recommending that he uses `Winchargeback` , so which is more likely to get the deposits back