Trade Stabilizer Decoder


Dear Members has anyone in this forum heard of trade stabiliser decoder. I received the email below from someone who claims to be helping people who has problems with withdrawals on binary trading.

" Now there is something you don't know yet about binary trade. If you
don't have a good strategy and signals you will definitely loose
all the money you have invested in your broker account to your brokers
and will find it difficult in withdrawing from your broker account
too. Like I was doing before i applied the Trade Stabilizer Decoder
strategy to my brokers account.

The Trade Stabilizer Decoder is the strategy that is helping me. I
have $70,740 in my trading account and I started the account with $550
and I have been trading with it for a months now. Meaning I have won
$70,190 With the invest of $550 in just a months with the help of this
system. I want you to use the system am using. Do you want the system
so I can tell you how it works"

Has any of you heard of this or it is just another scam trying to suck blood on people who have already lost their hard earned money. Your responses will be highly appreciated.


If you had created a system that would make over 10'000% of profit within months....
Would you just give it away to everyone else on the planet? By Email?
Think about it!


Hey, it's free - just put your hard earned cash into one or more of the scam brokers I'll recommend and you can watch those profits pile up sky high - until you try to withdraw. :p

For those who don't get sarcasm - Yes, it's a scam. Once you've lost money in binaries, somehow your contact info will magically find its way to people who claim to want to "help" you.