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I had the opportunity to monitor performance of the free trial version for 5 days. In that time 17 trades were closed out; 6 winners and 11 losers. Win % about 35 %. Net LOSS 163 pips.
This is well short of their advertised performance of about 90% win rate (and no losing trades on EU or GU in 9 months). Strange that both EU and GU closed out losing trades (-170 pips) just in the last 5 days. I'd be careful before investing money to buy Trade-Vantage.
CAUTION! This program is a “Magic Repainter”. It modifies its past signals as new data arrives each day. Many of the historically recommended trades shown on their charts and performance tables have never occurred in real time. This is borderline fraud. Stay away! I have screen-captured proof of signals being repainted day over day during an extensive test from 4/10/2012 thru today 4/20/2012. In a dedicated demo account we took all trades recommended each day, experiencing losses on both closed trades and open positions. I have filed a 1 star review pending moderator approval, and offered to make full documentation available to FPA, if desired. I am a registered CTA, NFA ID#: 0278164 and am professionally offended by this worst kind of viscious abuse of the deluded, blind, and dumb.
After the FPA moderator approved this post, I have begun uploading documents for review under Scam Alerts. They include the MT4 Test Account Statement, Full screenshot images of 20 pairs, communications with Dustin Pass's support team, and chat dialogues.
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BigT1 is correct and I can explain a little more the reason why.

TradeVantage is based on a neural network. Imagine constant ongoing backtesting of historical data with 100+ indicators and other variables. The "trading model" is updated as the neural network finds better settings to use based on new data.

This is the basis of the program and is made pretty clear on their website. However, what's not clear, is the source of the historical results. After seeing the results (and signals) suddenly change from day to day, it's pretty obvious that the results shown are based on the backtest using the current trading model data.

In other words, the system is saying "This is what I would have done if I knew then what I know now." It is NOT saying "This is what I would have done if I only had previous data available at that time."

A good example is the GBPUSD sell trade we're in right now. The model says that over the historical data (since July 2011) we've never been down more than 207 pips on a GBPUSD trade. But sure enough, as I look at it now, we're down 300 pips on the current trade.

Pretty soon the model will update itself and each change the trading model (to avoid the current trade we're in), or it will decide the current model is OK and it will update the maximum drawdown stat.

Either way, the results are all based on the past while using current data. It's a backtest that constantly changes as the model updates. And I agree with BigT: they're making it sound as if those are the types of results we should expect in the future, and could easily be seen as borderline fraud.

The question is: can a system like this still be profitable? Since we who trade Forex believe that there are repeating patterns in the market, I was hopeful it would be successful. After all, if a complicated neural network can't predict future movements based on the past, what good does it do us to try to do the same?

Only time will tell, but one thing I guarantee is that live forward results will be nothing like the backtest. Maybe profitable in the long term, maybe not, that is yet to be seen...

Scott Wang
Forex Verified
Hello Scott, Thank you for your reply.
I agree with your observations in theory; but as you state, there is no disclosure regarding this primal methodology, nor is there any proven forward test of this system that was run in real time based on its signals, from which anyone could assess the success or failure of their past future predictions. This assertion was verified with the vendor before my posting. No forward test of past results has even been attempted by the vendor.
In fact, a true Neural Network software would only be presented Devoid of its false past predictions!
Instead, it would provide only the real-time resultant track record of its past future predictions. Let's come up for some air my man. For if you are diving deep on hope this TradeVantage pile of crap will actually feed you air at depth, you my friend are one of the deluded and doomed. I am trained in physics, engineering, and mathematics. I spent 25 years in diagnostic medical imaging systems CT & MRI, and later had a career as a stockbroker for AG Edwards and an Associated Person & Commodities Hedger for the Chicago Corp/ABN AMRO Bank, working NYMEX futures and options as a Risk Manager for the Oil and Gas industry. I provided real clients with real hard earned results.
I challenge you to trade this noxious system (if you have been so unfortunate as to have purchased it). Logic alone should force you to recognize that if Dustin's published past results were authentic; anyone could gain command of the entire world within a few weeks. Please wake up and support me in my effort to extinguish this slimmy bug named Dustin Pass from existence. He has defrauded many in the past through his "Managed Accounts", and will continue to do so in the future if someone, ANYONE doesn't stand up to this fraudster.
Please await the documentation I have uploaded to the FPA Moderation Team under the Scam Alerts folder; and review Dustin's past history in the Managed Accounts arena of FPA for further insight.
I am open to any and all proof to the contrary that can be offered by anyone including the vendor. Please recognize I have placed my professional credentials on the line to further this cause without any possibility of personal gain, and at grave risk to myself for absolutely no reward. See you on the other side.
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TradeVantage from Dustin Pass

Uploading documents identical to the files placed in Scam alerts folder


  • FraudDoc Part-1.docx
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TradeVantage from Dustin Pass

Upload of Demo Test Results.


  • TradeVantage Trial - Anthony Ingrassia 20120410.zip
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I, too, have been dismayed at some of the things I see going on with TradeVantage. I'm not sure if Mr. Pass has been roped in to a dubious marketing scheme, or if he has been in on it from the beginning, but I was under the impression that he had a decent reputation. I don't think this latest venture will gain him any credibility.
The TV site has (had) a comments section where traders could leave posts, or ask questions of the support "team." Most of the posts are (were) very negative. I have been checking them daily for any updates from the company and other traders. Well, lo and behold, last night the comments section of the website miraculously disappeared. Too much negative press, I presume.

Thankfully, TV has a 30 day moneyback guarantee. Hopefully, the website and support team won't disappear before I can get my refund.
Hello BigT1, Thank you for your efforts.

I joined the TradeVantage program on 4/16/2012. I tested the software extensively for several days and was not impressed. From what I can tell the software tells you what you should have done and not what you could have done. I won’t bore you with the details.

The support in the member’s area web site was zero. Members would ask question after question with no response what so ever. This went on for days. What really brought it home for me is when a colleague of mine received an email like this from Dustin Pass.

Hi Robert, as you know, last week we shut down TradeVantage registration because we hit the limit on the number of traders that we could process into our system. If you didn't get to register then, we apologize.

I have since consulted with our customer support team lead and he assures me that we are in good shape to accept additional registrations, so I have decided to allow a limited number of traders to register for TradeVantage for just two days, using this link: Yada Yada Yada.

On the same day he received an email from Bill Poulos, I’m sure you herd of him as well.

Dustin and his team shut the doors on Friday. And rightfully so,since he wanted to make sure that he was able to provide anultra high level of support to each and every one of his new students.

HOWEVER, I had a talk with Dustin and explained that there were quite a few of my students who were not able to get inside in time.

So, after meeting with his support team to evaluate if they could add a few more students, they agreed to re-open the registration for ONLY 48 more hours.

This is it everyone. I've done all I can, but after this 48-hour period is over, it's over and there's nothing else I can do. This is truly your last chance to take action and get your hands on this excellent software.

Yesterday 4/24/2012 between 3:00pm and 4:00pm Dustin toke down the ask a question link, so now not only are question going unanswered members can no longer help other members.

By the way if you are wondering why your questions went unanswered during the seminar ware Dustin said he would stay as long as it takes to answer all of your concerns is because no one was there. The seminar was a tape. I know this because I attended all three seminars and thy where identical word for word right on down to ware Dustin excused himself for water.

No legitimate company or product would be marketed in this manner. Needless to say I have put in for a refund for I am well within the 30 day cut off. I will keep you posted on how that is going.