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Trade Vantage


Hi there,
I have only recently joined FPA - and wish I had have known about this 'website' before I went and ploughed cash into a programme known as:
TRADE VANTAGE.... from a 'well known company' (I think it is anyway), Global Profit Systems.
After using the programme for a few months, it seems its just as 'un predictable' as any other.

Does anyone out there also use the TRADE VANTAGE system, so that I can 'compare notes' ?
P.S. APologies to the Administrator if I have used the 'wrong' Forum !!!!
Trade vantage robot prediction system

Hi All,
Just wondering if any of you using this 'Trade Vantage' system marketed by Global Profit Systems, as since I've been using it the 'Forum' of 'Chat room' no longer up and running, so I would be interested to 'hear' from anyone else who using it and what their experiences have been todate?
Many thanks for providing me with these threads - as although I have tried to see if TradeVantage, or Global Profit Systems - was reviewed, etc, I did not actually find it during my searches through your folders...

I have just posted my thoughts on another thread.
BUT, in a nutshell, I had seen all this dialogue on Dustin Pass, and the TradeVantage system - too late in the day, as I purchased TradeVantage back in April.
Large drawdowns, plus various other problems have all contributed to my losing faith or confidence in the system - which seems to go on the premise, that
what goes up must come down, and what goes down, must come up! Hang in their long enough and you just might make a profit !!
I did not give DUE NOTICE FOR REFUND within a 30 day period, although I was buying over a 3 month period. So, my $2000 goes out of the window!
My own fault for not joining FPA earlier - although to be honest, I was not aware of it, until August when a contact from Australia gave it to me.
Thanks your good work, and I'll be telling anyone who thinks they want to go into FOREX TRADING, to first sign up with FPA.
The old addage ' A dollar short and a day late', is the understatement of the year !!
Presumably although I gave due notice to Global Profit Systems that I intended to give NOTICE FOR A REFUND, during my 30 day trial - I have no recourse
at this stage?

Was a credit card involved and do they have a money back guarantee? If so, call your issuing bank immediately. If the first tier support can't help, ask to speak to someone in the fraud department.