Trade with Accentforex with so much problems...


Few days back (from the as-shown date), I opened up an account with Accentforex. Too many requotes, server freezes frequently! Email not answered (or simply ignored biasly). Support service is extremely poor, terrible and most of the time slow or unanswered (No one attended to my support). What more can I say?

Ive also (video screened) recorded 2 live events on separate timings during live account tradings as an evident to support this problems that i faced.
Seriously, I doubt so much about this Broker. From the looks of their poorly structured websites, it seems to me that they just cant be bothered about customer service and such. (Partially I blamed myself for not listening to my own instinct as my instinct told me not to open up live accounts with them.
Thorough intensive online research, pertaining to this Broker, gave me some ideas that this broker operates in Russia.
I dont mind losing my money if the mistakes came from my own, but I do mind it if I've to bear the consequences for the mistakes I didnt do!
I'm think what John has said is true, the high rating reviews may come from their own people. I'm not making accusation, but these evidents are just enough for me to project their business image and reputation.
If I were to be given a chance to rate them from 1 to 10, I would rate them 0.5.
Sorry mate, Ive to write this negative review, as you are just being unfair to me....


First, stop trading with them.
Second, try to get whatever money is left in the account out.

Third, always test support at a broker before opening an account with them.