Trade12 does not let me withdraw my money


DO NOT TO COOPERATE WITH TRADE12!!!! I started working with them in August 2017. A representative of their company, allegedly from Germany, called me on my mobile. In my naivety, they still persuaded me to work with them. I won't tell you for a long time but for 6 months I invested $ 10 000$ in this company. I traded not myself, but with the help of their analyst. Everything was good, we allegedly even "earned" $4000 profit, I really could not get enough, began to make plans as I will spend these money)))) at the end of January 2018, their analyst opens with me 2 transactions on oil, which go sharply to minus about $ 2500!!! In tears, trying to contact an analyst, because the connection they have one-way, they can call you and you can not!)) He start to reassure me, he said «was the movement of the market, nothing, we will wait, everything will go up, I know and bla bla bla…» in General, minus went to 5000, then again to 2500, the analyst puts them in the "lock", but I suspect that and close all transactions in the negative on the same 4000, that we earned, it turns out the account only money that was made by me. Later I learned that this "kitchen" and not the company, do not bring the transaction to the real market, I demanded the money back. Only $ 2,000 was withdrawn. The rest of the money is naturally not withdrawn under various pretexts. Already 3 months do not withdraw money and stopped responding. You decide whether to risk working with this office or not.... But I think they're stealing deposits. If they were a normal company, they'd withdraw the money. Their purpose is your Deposit.. I know a lot of the victims at their hands! No one will earn you 20 % of the Deposit monthly, as they promise))) do not believe . Now explain why trade 12 Scam

1 Trade12 does not have a license and does not have a regulator that a real broker company must have

2 Trade 12 was on Marshalovich Islands. What it means?, and the fact that this is an offshore zone and the funds from there is impossible to withdraw, and accordingly all disputes between you and the company will be subject to the laws of the Marshall Islands. In your country, no one can protect you

3. Trade12 has one-way communication, you can never reach them. German, canadian and other numbers, it is nothing but a miracle of modern technology-IP polyphony, that is, they call you from Ukraine, and you break through the number of Canada for example.

4 Trade 12 do not WITHDRAW MONEY

5 The company that owns and operates the Trade12 website is a subsidiary of Exo Capital Markets Limited, Global Fin Services Limited, which misleads the working address of Estonia, does not have a license to provide investment services in Estonia and therefore does not have the authority to provide it

The company is registered in the UK at the last of the addresses 71-75 Shelton Street Covent Garden London WC2H 9JQ

The police in these cases are not on your side. Be vigilant! This applies not only to trade 12.