Trade12 fraud company


Trade12 is absolutely fraud company. I was get there by fraudulent way. On some website (I don’t remember how it’s called) I saw educational material about Forex, to get it I had to fill in some information, like fill name, country and phone number. So I wrote everything and instead of gift I received an offer to register in this company. I closed registration page immediately. But on the next day I started to receive phone calls with offers to open an account. I examined company more properly, and I found out a lot of negative moments, like website, lack of information, regulation…so all my grievances I send to the manger that called me (he left me his e-mail on my request). In an hour I received call from another manager of this company, he tried to assure me that they have the best services, best client support and so on. I told him, that every time when I tried to write them in online chat I hardly ever receive answers. Operators are always busy. Company offers account manager, but if I cannot reach my account manager or will quarrel with him who will answer on my question? It is very easy to quarrel with your account manager, because you want to withdraw profit but your account manager doesn’t interest in that, he wants you to make more deposits and make more trades volume, because that’s his salary. Did you notice what spreads they have and little results? You can compare any other broker with them. Let’s take for example pair USD/CHF for one lot trade12 will return you from spread $7.39, but RoboForex will return you $15. These companies have the same spread on this currency pair. I compared with four different company…I cannot understand why trade12 writes about spread 1.5 for USD/CHF and 1.2 for EUR/USD when it’s almost 3