Hello! I’m writing from the name of my father, because his access to this web page is blocked as a result of a struggle with Trade12.

My name is Feliks, I´m a citizen of Ukraine. In May of 2017 I signed a contract with a trade company called Trade 12, Initial deposit was 200$. Almost from the beginning I was pressured into making more and more deposits everyday, I have evidences as screen shots and audio recordings. In August of 2017, on Friday, I got a call from a manager, he offered me to by a trading signals for scalping for 50.000$. I replied that I need to think about this proposal. On Monday he called me and said that the company is already added me a loan of 20.000$. I want note that I did not agree to this and didn’t ask for a loan, it was done without my confirmation. A few days later I told that I don’t agree for scalping. After this, my manager called me back and said since I refuse from this product then the bank will charge me a fine of 313.000$, and the money will be written off without my participation. I said that all banks have a rule of 14 ¨cool days¨ and such a statement of the question from their part is nothing more than blackmailing. The broker called again and said that I had been warned about write off – now the procedure has done. In a state of shock and fearing to loose my money I transferred 50.000$. After this case I was insecure and started to feel more pressure from Trade 12 employees, that’s why I decided to record our conversations to protect myself and my rights in case of unforeseen situation. At that moment I already knew that I want withdraw the money from my account and break the contact. In a few days I installed the indicator, in one of these trades my account manager called me and told me to open 390 lots, I asked her again a few times, but she was completely sure. It turned out that the signal was not correct and the minus has reached 360.000$ immediately. To get out of the situation the broker ordered everything to be putted in the lock. I was shocked. My account was blocked, I couldn’t make any operations.
Having concluded with me the contract on scalping, the company violated item 15. The client agreement, according to which trading with scalp is prohibited.
They started to threaten me and pushing to find more money to save the situation. All extortions I have on a record. The same person from Trade 12 called me introducing himself this time as a manager of JPMorgan Bank (the bank that supposedly gave the loan), I asked him to send me some kind of documentation or a contract of collaboration but he rejected. As you can see his e-mail address indicates that he is working in Trade 12.
After this, I sent a claim to the Trade 12 support, but they denied it, referring to a partial implementation of a client agreement.
These actions by the company Exo Capital Markets Ltd. I consider deliberate. Information received from the company´s employees is contradicting the legal information provided on official website. On web page the company claims that the client will invest money in Forex global international market, but in reality clients money is not issued to the international financial market and all the time is accumulated on the company’s accounts.
I would like to note that earlier I had already submitted an application to the bank for withdraw my payments made to this company, the response of the acquiring bank was sent with absolutely meaningless content and was ridiculous.
I’m a citizen of Ukraine and made payments from the card of the Ukrainian bank, what does the Russian Federation have do to with this?! May conclude that the company has a standard form for everybody and they even didn’t consider my claim, they didn’t do any actions to understand and solve the situation of their client.In accordance with the answer, the company also indicates that the reason for my claim is failure to fulfill requests for withdrawal of funds.
Please note that I did not file a claim for non-withdrawal of funds. The reason is that the company´s employees repeatedly violated the contract and throughout the cooperation they deceived me with the aim of extortion and subsequent theft of my savings. Also the company claims that I provide fake screen shots and correspondence with their managers.
Meanwhile Trade 12 incriminated me in their response to my bank telling that I’m a member of a criminal group of people who can’t submit about money lost, also that I still work on the platform. The company has blocked for me the opportunity to open and close transactions in my personal account and on a screen shot that I applied with the confirmation of this, the date shown 01.09.2017, while the reply was sent 20.11.2017. If my account is still active, as they say, it means that the company has violated the privacy policy and has granted access to my personal cabinet, since I cannot take any action there.
Im asking for any help in a solution of this situation. Thank you.
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