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I read on an article about a trader that lost money on forex and was helped by another trader Lawrence Scott and after a short period he made 10000usd. I contacted the guy via telegram and he said that he will also help me. He wanted me to open an account at and deposit money. I told him that I can only do a 1000$.After the first day the account grew to 6000 USD. During that day he wanted me to deposit more money to upgrade my account. That is were the red flags started going off.I wanted to withdraw immediately, but to do that I had to first pay the signal fee as they can not pay me before the fee is paid. I paid it and contacted Lawrence Scott Wasserman to remove the software for the withdrawl. For some reason he was suddenly not available. He contacted me during the day and said he can only do it at the end of the day. During the second day the account grew to 23000$, but for me to withdraw I need to first pay the signal fee, which now is 1724$. The advisor showed me his Drivers licence he made contact with me over Skype, he produced a certificate to say the they are regulated through CYSEC, FCA the financial commission and the prudential authorities. But what concerned me the most, was when I was looking at there trades only 2 of the 32 trades could have matched current prices in the FX or Binary markets. All trades also had an expiration date(like with Binary), but the profit realised on the plat form even before the expiration date. I requested explanations of the statement, I requested them to pay out after the first day(I only wanted withdrawl of 2000$) of trading, when I paid 600$ to clear the signal fees, but I get no joy. I requested a proper explanation, but i think maybe with Forex Peace Army I have a better chance.
The adviser wants me to do an withdrawl, but first I must pay the outstanding signal fee. He said the broker have a glitch in there system.
your license is fake, CySec & FCA license usually refer here. if company name not in the list & u cant cross check, there is no real trading. its fake trading, price can be manipulated by scammer, thats why u need to pay "fee"

if you happen to be early victim investor, ponzi scheme broker may not collapse so soon, so you still might get paid
I am posting this thread and although I posted earlier about It is important to note that Lawrence Scott Wasserman is the person behind scam. I had a live Skype call with him also known as World Traders. This guy might pop up on another company. He will scam other individuals as well. He gets you to trust him. He shows you a picture of himself and his drivers licence. He is not afraid to give you his mortgage details.

The idea with the scam is to get as much money out of you. You first deposit money at Trade capitals. Your account grow, but so does your fees. You can not get your money before you pay your fees. Then after you pay your fees your withdrawl is approved but now you must get a International Business Permit Certificate verification. This will cost you another 1380$. At the bare minimum they will take you for 3500$. I would not be surprised that some individuals were taken for more. Anybody that get to do with this guy can contact me through FPA. I will be more than willing to remove this post should Mr Wasserman come forward and own up to his mistakes and refund the money I lost.
Hi FPA i have been scammed by a company Tradecapitals. And in the process, my ID and details stolen that can be ysed in further scams)
Hi FPA i spoken to the person and I am sure that his identy was stolen by criminals to commit fraud after he was conned in doing abitcoin transaction. Can we leave the deatils on to prevent further fraud.