I’m proud to announce the release of a major update of TradeCopier, the forex signal copier trusted by thousands of traders worldwide. Version 2.0 marks a fundamental departure from version 1.0 in terms of reliability, functionality and the addition of great new features requested by our enthusiastic community of users over the last 12 months. Check what’s new below.

The new version also comes with a significantly different licensing model, one that turns TradeCopier into not only the most powerful and reliable solution in the market but also the most affordable, even for small traders that are just starting their business. Starting with v2.0, TradeCopier can now be licensed for as low as $9,99 per month! Just choose the number of Slaves that you need and pay only for what you use. Check out the new pricing here.

TradeCopier 2.0 – WHAT’S NEW
• Brand new server infrastructure delivers unsurpassed performance (signal replication in less than 1 second), reliability, security and privacy of your trades.
• We value your trades and we understand the importance of your privacy, that’s why we have implemented new security protocols to assure that only authorized Slaves can access your signals and nobody else.
• Automatic Slave installer. Now it’s much easier to install the Slave EA on your customers’ computers.
• Master and Slave EAs automatic update. You’ll be automatically notified to update the EA.
• New trade control. Open trades automatically or only after confirmation.
• New adjustment controls: adjust lots, stop-loss, take-profit, divide rate of lot, etc.

Happy trading!

Mark Anderson
Marketing Department