tradefort rejected my withdrawal


This company did not want to withdraw my money.

when i contact support, he always gave me same answer, ask IB to contact me, i didn't know my IB, i just click the link and register an account.

I deposit through liberty direct to broker, but broker always ask me to contact IB, not broker company.

This makes no sense because I give my money deposit to the broker and Not IB.
Send an email to every address you have for TradeFort. Give them a link to this thread and invite them to address the issue.

jst try to recollect how u opened ur account. was it through some other site or you directly went to their site and opened it.

as our pharaoh bro said try to mail to each and every email of tradefort & provide them the link to this thread
this going more serious. they ask to contact ceo but at the same time not willing to provide contact number of their ceo


ok this guy gave contact number


call them and they did not pick up the phone. live chat not answer me more than 10 minutes


few hours later live chat again


I think you may be taking the wrong tactic. Typing in ALL CAPS isn't going to get you better answers. Try to approach this (admittedly VERY frustrating) situation in a calm and logical manner and you'll have a better chance of success.

First, contact them again. Explain that you deposited directly and are completely unaware of having any IB. Believe it or not, it's within the realm of possibility that you do have one without your knowledge. If you followed a paid link on Google or if you followed a link on some blog site somewhere, you may have been set up with one without even knowing it. Another, more sinister possibility is that a bad employee may have re-assigned your independent account to a friend who is an IB.

If they insist you have an IB, ask them to give you the IB's contact info. Also, ask them why an IB would have control over funds you placed directly with the broker.

I doubt the CEO takes phone calls from clients. Ask for an email address instead. Under these circumstances, it's probably best to have everything in writing anyway. Also, this lets you attach files, like your LR deposit info.
Dear Akma,
Thank you for contacting us.
Our Financial Department examined your claim and we can provide you with the following information:
As we see funds to your account came with 2 ways.
1. Your deposits from Liberty Reserve payment system
2. Some funds were transfers from account that belongs to someone who registered with us as internet partner.
Since our Risk management rules do not allow transfers from such unknown internet partners to client’s accounts (unless we have a special agreement with such partner) we cancelled all these partner’s transfers to your account . This partner is not our official representative in your Region and we do not know him at all. Please find the list of our official representatives here: TradeFort - Contacts
Also, we disabled such transfers to prevent this situation in the future. That is why we asked you to contact this partner to make him contact us and to clear this situation with him.
Regarding your own funds that you deposited with Liberty Reserve - you are free to withdraw it at any time. Please make withdrawal application and it will be processed within several hours. We are very sorry that investigation of our Financial Department postponed your withdrawals.
Good luck in your trading!
Ummm.... A random person can transfer money from their TradeFort account into another person's TradeFort account? I'm glad that was fixed in this case, but it shouldn't be possible in the first place.