TradeLad - scam broker?


I invested with TradeLad and managed to make a $50,000 profit. Everything seemed fine. However, upon the first withdrawal they have asked me for nearly $3,000, stating that I'm obligated to pay this sum before they can send me my funds. This (huge) sum apparently corresponds to "the processing and security fees according to the SEC", because this entity claims to be registered with the SEC. But I've recently contacted SEC and they've told me that TradeLad is NOT regulated by them, and couldn't give me any further details so as to whether there are more complaints for this broker. I don't know what I should do.

Are there any solutions to this? Is there any way I can withdraw the profit I've made from the respective broker? Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thank you.
I just had the same thing happen to me yesterday with Tradelad. In my case less money is involved but they want a "one-time SEC processing fee" of $1433 and a $100 withdrawal handling fee. I too called the SEC who gave me the same response. I believe if this money is sent to them they still won't handover the money in the account. I told them they could withdraw it from my account. They made up some excuse why they cannot do that. That is the last I heard from them yesterday, I told them their excuse makes no sense and SEC rules require all fees to be disclosed in advance. I have not yet told them I found they are not registered with the SEC.
This is the response I got when I said they can take those fees out of my account (which makes no sense, all brokerages are required to keep accounts segregated but it has nothing to do with taxes, etc):

"Please be informed that tradelad operates a segregated account under the
regulation of the SEC, this prevents taxation of your existing balance
an any fee to be deducted from your existing balance, except those lost
in trades and from withdrawal."

I also told them fees must be disclosed in advance and sent them the link to the SEC rules about brokerage fee disclosure. They have given any answer to that, yet.
They claimed to be regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), under license number 217/24 but nothing found the same as in SEC.

Two steps that you must follow

1st - Invite them to join this thread via email (Send an email to every possible address).

2nd - Invite him via Skype or any communications address you have.

If they did not come and reply here then message me I`ll suggest you more steps to get your money back.
Note: Share your account number too (Just account number) so you can have a solution soon. website is down and they are not responding to emails. Seems like they have shut down completely.
My Name I Mohammad mohaimenul islam talukder.i already invested tradelad website by account manager.
withdrawal prosses is very hard.i already paid broker parmit 688$,Cot fee 538$,Occ fee 826$ and last pay for IBAN Eror 1786$.i can not pay IBAN Eror fee 1786$ for domicilary account.tradelad website down my personal account manger say i pay the fee then he goto tradelad office for my withdrawal 6000$.

Now I what to do bro please contact me on whatsapp +8801842764555.
Mohammed - Ask your account manager where Tradelad is located since he says he will go to their office. It is not where they claim it to be on their website. Looking at their domain record their website is in clientHold status which means they have not paid their fee to their internet provider or are involved in some legal dispute. I would not pay them anymore money, it is clear they just keep asking for more money, making up these fees. I refused to pay them the first fee they asked for which they claimed was a SEC broker fee of $1433 and a withdrawal fee of $100.
They had resurfaced as and I tried contacting them there but they never replied. Just this morning I found they are now and have invited them here to defend themselves. They now say they are in London, before they claimed they were in New York. Everything else about their site is the exactly the same, just substituting Bostrades for Tradelad, and they no longer claim to be registered with the SEC. Otherwise there sure is identical in every detail to the former and sites. I have not gotten them to reply to any emails I sent them either at or They used to have a fake phone number on their site when they claimed they were in New York. They now claim to be in London and have some phone number listed. Whether it is legitimate or not I don’t know as I am in the US and do not want to make an expensive international phone call. The old New York City Number was a fake phone number so this one probably is too. The building manager at the address they claimed to be at said there was never any company but that name at that building. Now they list a London address that appears to be a residential address, probably not where they are really located.