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Problem Tradelite.net Scam

I am having an issue with a company
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Another site vanished many have lost big, funded through strictpay.com Many dissapointed posts on goldpoll.com.

Website unavailable no response from admin - support@tradelite.net or owner - tradelitenet@gmail.com

A major advocate posted a response to my email to him as follows:

HOME BASED BUSINESSES ARE SCAMS - $Invest$ in TRADELITE! - Free-Press-Release.com

Hi Amit,

I realize you are bitter, but I lost a lot of money too! I had a lot of trust in this investment platform. There is a 50/50 chance it could come back online. Read below:

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Hi frustrated Tradelite members,

Here is some hopeful info:

Recent Postings

I am a new member of this forum and I am a TL investor. I do have some background with Internet issues related to hacking and attacks on domains & servers. I would like to make some points.

1) If TL did experience a hack or attack then the only sure defense is to pull EVERYTHING down & offline and address the problem.

2) If the above did happen you CANNOT go back up until you have done everthing possible to address the problem at least TWICE and better three or four times running tests and scenarios before going back up. I would expect that in a situation such as what is claimed, it would be several days or more, before an issue such as this would be resolved. I personally would be much more worried about a site that had been compromised as they are claiming and went back up within a short time.

3) If everything at TL was normal up to the time of going down, which it apears to be, it would be far simpler and a more effective scam to leave the website up and running or mirror it somewhere and to leave quietly than to pull a plug and send up red flares.

4) Redirect to another website means nothing in terms of what is happening. It could have been any number of reasons, speculation will not give you any insight.

5) In similar situations in my experience we communicate the problem as best we can and fix the problem. Trying to hold everyone's hand that is affected does not fix the problem and distracts from the solution. It appears to me this is what has been done and is what they are in the process of doing. If I was going to scam anyone I would leave my site running, and send reasuring messages and statements from a secure remote location that everything was okay or program keyword triggered automatic responses to inquiries that would give me time to get so far away and so far off the radar that you'ld never find me. That does not appear to me to be what has happened.

6) If it was a pull the plug, take the money and run situation then it is what it is. Speculation and supposition does not serve anyone.

7) Going back through the information here relating to hacking, attacks and the responses from SP and others that have true connection with TL it rings true and TL will be back up AFTER it has diagnosed the problem, identified the correct solution(s), implemeted the solution(s), tested, retested, tested again run a differential against the original problem to try to identify vulnerabilities, run through it all again and get signoff from everybody. It's not a simple re-boot.

My 2 cents.

Hello. I am new to this online investing. And also new to this forum. I appreciate all the positive feedback about the Co. I am a TL investor and was able to talk to TL in PAnama on Monday. They informed me, like others, that there was a major hack in the LR accounts. And that other processors were not compromised.
Please have patience.
For those of you negative individuals, remember when you signed up, this is medium risk stuff.
You are better off being positive than negative and getting everyone else angry as well.

QUOTE (marky @ Dec 4 2008, 02:41 AM)
First day when the tradelite was down I send them an e-mail on tradelitenet@gmail.com and he reply me in few min. But after then I send them few more e-mail and they didn't replay me ever again.

Same here I never got a reply from Matins G/mail address, my card still works, I just purchased some BBQ country chicken wings down at the local store here in Apopka FL. Hehehehe. These wings sure are good Lol.
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i so shock and down a lot because Tradelite.. i cant even eat for those days. i lost all my energy. i lost a lot money in there.. it can say bankrupt my finance totaly. and thx god i still have family that i can used to net and sleep.. i really hope tradelite come back and make deserve client to take it. im so sure if they are nice n open or had problem even they tried the best they can do, i will try help them and i think you clients will help them too.

i Appreciated.
I think the game is over!

StrictPay Customers

This email is being sent to all customers that have had any transactions with account 39294, Tradelite. After monitoring the Tradelite situation for the last couple of weeks, we have came to a decision regarding their account. Based on our compiled research, past communications, recent account activity, and the current lack of communication from the Tradelite ownership, we have decided to freeze their account and refund that amount to the deserving StrictPay customers. We feel this decision is in the best interest of both our customers and our company.

As we make this decision, we feel it is important for every customer to know one important piece of information. From the very beginning Tradelite has kept a very minimal amount of total funds in their StrictPay account. They were making withdrawals on an almost daily basis from the beginning, which is why we did not see much of their recent account activity as anything outside the norm. We state this fact because we can only refund the amount they have in their account.

Our account analysis has determined how much each person will be refunded. You also need to keep in mind that any customers that have received more funds to their StrictPay account than they sent to Tradelite will not be receiving a refund of any amount. The last thing we would like to mention is that we only have access to StrictPay records, and we do not have any records showing how certain customers have sent or received money from Tradelite via alternate methods.

Refunds are being processed as we speak, so please be patient.

Thank you for your understanding and patience during this trying time, and as always, we appreciate you choosing StrictPay as your payment option.

Team StrictPay
Tradelite M.I.A.

I have a big complain about Tradelite (http://www.tradelite.net) that disappeared from the face of the earth on the 1st of December 2008 (web page not available, no 1 e-mail with some kind of explanation about what is going on,...etc).
I have invested 1.091 EUR in this program. First investment made on the 25th of November 2008 (lucky me).
I'm another victim

I invested US1000+ just Nov 29. It was my first experience. I did it because I found TL received funds through StrictPay and this gave me confidence. Is there anything we or someone else could do? Why people like these are able to take other's money without punishment? :unhappy:
Names of individuals involved with TradeLite:

Any HYIP is a scam from the go
You need to do a little investigation when you see such things:
Where is the actual company registered?
Where is their office, full address and all other info
Is is a regulated enterprise?
Are your funds being held in "customer segregated accounts"?
Are you "investing" through normal wire transfers?

There is much more to this of course and the list goes on and on. There are many sites that concentrate on such HYIP companies and programs and the "promoters" are most often getting paid by the company

Forex trading is hard learning FIRST, then hard and concentrated work. If you chase the fast profit with some HYIP you're exposing yourself to scams. You're not alone, see the latest Ponzi Scheme by Madoff.....
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