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Problem Tradelite

I am having an issue with a company
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Yes, gone.....

Gone. Disappeared. I held on to hope for the first week, though my gut told me they weren't coming back. Here and there would read posts in different forums that people had heard it was TL's intention to come back. But now, two weeks later, that seems very remote indeed. They were a seductively looking professional scam and I was fooled, putting my only savings in it. Just days before taking it out, POOF! It has taken me awhile to recover from that. Financially it will take me a much longer time. Even just two days ago someone posted that a friend had received an email from them with more specific info about their intentions to come back online (see the money maker forum for Tradelite). At this point, even if they did come back, who would want to keep their money in? I wouldn't. Oh well.....time to move on.
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