(Lan Turner)


So Far so good

had it bout a two months So far so good it takes some massive hits at times and got some bugs to work out as well, far as myself gose, learning how to use the software is easy to use. all i can say right now is so far so good i have loss a lot but it has kept me in the green also. as Along as i say I'm in the green i can't complain. it's just the wins are small wins but you get a alot of them and all of a sudden Bam! this Four digit loss comes and wips out the wins. with just a Lil left over... Like i said So far so good But those bugs are a lil annoying


I have been using Trade Miner on a live account. I have taken 11 trades. 10 winners, 1 loser, net pips +458. My pips per trade range from +1 to +168. My one loss was for -98 pips.

It's important to remember that Trade Miner is a trading tool. The trades it "mines" are not to be entered into blindly. Before entering a trade I check the trend on the 4H time frame. If the trade agrees with the trend, I take the trade. If it doesn't agree, I don't take the trade.

I saw a training webinar for this system and it mentioned that the enter and exit dates are not set in stone. There are times that it's better to enter a day before or a day after the enter date. The same goes for the exit date.

I start looking at the trend for a trade a day before the enter date. I exit a trade when I'm happy with x number of pips.

Using different settings to "mine" trades will give different results. The training webinar suggested using setting of 90%, 1-5 days, and 5 years of history for day trading. Different settings are used for swing or position trading.