Woodcrusher 'crushed'

man, this sucks. the price sucks and the way you have been treated sucks. the old comments that are made 'that a high price doesn't assure quality' is NEVER more obvious than when it 'goes wrong'. Even if it goes wrong just because of how a person uses the product! I've only been at this market a few months and have bought my share of programs, but never over a hundred bucks! further more there are certain purchase sites out there that will refund your money automatically. BUT come on...THIS WAS A LOT OF MONEY, at least for most people. you should have had some type of assurances before you laid out the cash. As far as 'these sites' saying that 'people' are stelling from them, well, that's a joke. A lot of protection can be written into a program if these 'sellers' want to spend the money. THAN who is going to be wise enough to figure them out? AND if someone really thought that 'this' program was such a money maker, THEY WOULD PAY the big bucks to steal it! HOPE it works out for you,


find more scammed people, and put it to justice.

In Netherlands we got some cases at justice. people sold stuff over the internet, and did not deliver (at all) the things payed for. Now the got 4 years in prison.. It's like the same. 4500 is a lot af money for software which doen't work --scam them!

When you can find some other people who are scammed by this person/company you have a better chance to win!



Caveat Emptor


Though the creators of TradeOracle sound extremely rude and thuggish, and their product evidently doesn't work, at least for Woodcrusher, the fact is that they never offered a guarantee of any kind, so it's a "caveat emptor" kind of situation. They are not required to refund money, but if their product does not work, word will spread about that, through this forum and others, and they will evntually go out of business.

I am sorry for Woodcrusher, he has learned a painful lesson. If you're not dealing with a German company, get a guarantee in writing ... or don't invest your Euros.



Hi there,
I feel sorry with the scam. Well there is something we can ask from Tradeoracle.
Usually all of company have their registration certificate with the government or some institution. If only Tradeoracle is actually a company. But if there is only one person on that "company", then it is quite useless to ask for legal certificate.

Tradeoracle state that the system given to Woodcrusher is profitable to other customer. Can Tradeoracle prove this statement by giving some comment by other customer about this system? If other customer provide a screen shot, it would be nice too.

I also want to see a screen shot from Woodcrusher about the loss of trading based on the given system. It is possible to post here or only investigation committee can see it?

Hope the things solve fairly.


Scammers and Mugs... Fools and Horses

If there was no food for these scammers then they would not be about... However there are too many fools that think they can ride a galloping forex horse without any real training hence the scams will go on.

Why did this idiot not seek advise from people like Rob of WSP or Tim from Diamonds room or even from anybody within these rooms.. If he is not a member of these rooms then he is an even bigger fool for his so called investment in a get rich quick scheme instead of investing in proper training and hard work....

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Is this a scam?

It would be useful to see the screen shot evidence or actually evaluate the software to help decide if this software is a scam. but as a MT4 programmer myself i do know that the indicators often look real nice a few bars later while in fact are hard to judge and changing in real time. but this is also part of the quality of the programming.

My impression is that a programmer came up with some nice looking algorithms to make indicators which look good in many cases (especially in retrospect). I've got many myself. He thinks he has the holy grail and rushes to sell it to the world relatively unproven. Running a company and collecting big money for these little programs is another level and these guys do not appear to be reputable or up to the task. The web site advertising is definately over the top without anything to back it up.

My guess is that there are indeed some serious issues with the indicators repainting differently making it hard to use real time. I think Tradeoracle should provide support, explanation, and training if needed to get the new user running with this expensive software or provide a refund. and certainly be very open to complaints/evidence of the software not functioning correctly, a quality software company should investigate these issues to make the software better and keep happy customers/references.

Tradeoracle customer support and treatment of their customers has triggered this complaint, their response to personally attack the customer is the sign of a very lame (if not scam) company no matter how good the software system.

My vote is that this is indeed a 'scam' company due to their pathetic customer service and attitude. Stay away.



A likely scam

Sure the site is cheezy.

And, the "system" looks like a frankenstein's nightmare.

But, on their own site they show charts of te 'live' tradeoracle applied to 30m and 1h charts. So much for "longer timeframes"
And in one section they state - "You are ready to try a winning system at no risk? "

Though, they post no refund or guarantee.

So, all-in-all, I'd guess that either they are inept or running a scam.



I have read this with great interest. the reply from the tradeoracle person is not in any context from a professional person of any intergity. I suspect you got duped and that is largely your own fault. there is not now nor will there ever be a holy grail for the forex. the very way the market operates and the fact that one size does not fit all is a very strong indication of that in itself. sorry for your loss and unless you wanna add the expense of going all out for what a lawsuit entails, which is probably what they bank on you will have to suffer the loss and add to your experience. experience is, what you get, when what you get is not what you wanted.


The right or wrong of this matter can be derived from one word:"repaint." Any indicator that repaints is invalid as a trading tool-- no different than buying a betting tip after the results are in. Any wannabe trader who would consider sending a penny to a low life who posts "...go **** your self lame loser....," and " stupidity lead you to trade...," has a lot to learn about the real world. Trading is a high stakes profession, not a hobby. Remember the old proverb: "Those who can do. Those who can't teach. Those who can do neither sell forex software on the internet for 4,500 Euros to those naive enough to buy it!"


TradeOracle Software AG or similar is NOT a Swiss Company

Hi Everyone,

I just thought that i should inform you all that "TradeOracle Software AG" or similar sounding company is not a registered Swiss company, so they are at least misrepresenting themselves on that behalf.

Here are the domain registration details.

Holder of domain name:
Tony Awunor
Tramstrasse 9
CH-8050 Zürich
Contractual Language: English

It should be noted that neither the company name or the name of the person who registered the apparent company is registered with Swiss company registration authorities. This can be checked using moneyhouse - Handelsregisterdaten und Firmeninformationen, by typing in the name of the company or directors or addressees.

My opinion:
The company and its staff certainly have the scam element to it, but anyone who buys 4500 Euro worth of software hoping to get rich is on the wrong side of the equation, and should be selling software not buying it. Trading takes practice and knowledge, bot of which do not come from watching a piece of software makes lines on the screen. Put the hard work in, and save yourself the 4500 next time.