Is this the same TradeOracle?

Is this TradeOracle the same as the one being sold on Equis & affiliate sites for $699 US?

Equis International, a Thomson Reuters company

If so,, it's a shame. I mean "caveat emptor," sure, but why would a company (Equis) use their name to peddle crap? Maybe they don't know that it is a scam. But, I fear, they might not care. If a sale throws a few bills their way, maybe they're happy supporting a scam.

If it is the same MetaStock add-on, I would definitely let know, and see if they do anything about it. I, myself, would let them know, but since it's not my complaint, I don't want to start something I don't know all the intimate details about, and end up looking like someone who doesn't know anything, rather than someone who is trying to provide them with good info.

Hope it all works out! C


That looks like a completely different product to me. The one at is for forex, not stocks and is based in Switzerland.