Traders Court FAQ - How to File


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BEFORE you try to file a case, you'll need to do a few things.

1. Try to contact the company about the issue at least 3 times over a period of at least 1 week.

Why? Many companies would gladly resolve your problem if they are given a chance to do so. There's no point in opening a court case when a quick phone call or email from you might solve the problem.

2. Start a thread in the Scam Alerts Folder with the name of the offending company in the subject line.

Why? This is where all of your fellow FPA members can comment on the problem. There may be people who know how to solve the problem or others who are having the same problem.

3. Visit our Review Database and submit a 1-Star review for the company with the explanation of your case. If the company is not listed in the FPA reviews database, please submit it along with your review.

Why? Because we want other traders to learn what happened to you to avoid having the same problem.

4. Did this happen within the last 9 months?

We sympathize if you were scammed sometime back and just found us, but getting evidence on older issues can be virtually impossible.

5. Make sure you have at least one file for evidence to attach to your case.

This can be a receipt, a trading record, or anything else showing that you are a client of the company. For your privacy, you may want to edit out any sensitive information.

Filing a Traders Court case would not be likely to make a company already labeled as SCAM pay what is owed. Please do leave a 1 star review and post in the Scam Alerts folder so that traders will know that problems with the company are continuing. If the scam finding is later lifted and your issue is still unresolved, please file a case.

If your issue meets all of the requirements above, you can file a case with the FPA Traders Court.

Here's a smaller version of what the Case Submission Form looks like...


For #1, you need to put the url of the company. Start it with www. or http:// www. For example, www.

For #2, describe your issue. You need to use at least 300 characters, so say exactly what happened. If you want to include multiple chat sessions and email exchanges, save those for #6 or leave them as replies to your Case thread once it's posted.

Why 300 Characters? You don't want to know how many complaints the FPA gets that say "I got scammed. Fix it!" Without details, it's hard to know what's really happening.

For #3, check the box and then copy and paste in the URL of your thread in the Scam Alerts Folder.

For #4, check the box. Then give the name you used when submitting the review and the date that you submitted it.

For #5, check the box and give the dates.

For #6, this is where you can paste in chat sessions, emails, or give longer descriptions of phone calls.

For #7, the email addresses must be enclosed in angle brackets. For example <emailaddress>.

For #8, click the browse button. Select the evidence file. Then click upload. When you are done uploading the first file, you can add more. Currently, 5 files is the maximum. If you need more, you can attach those to replies to your case thread.

At least 1 evidence file is mandatory. A receipt, an account statement, or something else showing that you really are a customer. Initially, the thread will be semi-private, but the thread may later become public. Consider your privacy when deciding how much to edit on the evidence file,

Click Submit. If there are errors, try to fix them. If it works, you've just filed an FPA Traders Court Case.

You MUST come back to the Court Case Preparation Folder to check on your case. If you fail to respond to questions in your case thread for a week, your case will probably be dismissed.