Traders Court FAQ - I've filed, now what?


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Your newly filed case is now in the semi-private Court Case Preparation folder.

It will be viewable by you, FPA staff members, some senior FPA members who have agreed to help with cases, and by the company that you have complained about when they are invited to view the case. This insures that the description really is of a problem that merits an FPA Traders Court vote.

First, you get to discuss the issue with FPA staff and those other FPA members who can view the case. If it looks like your issue lacks evidence or isn't really an issue, then your case will be dismissed. If your case looks worth pursuing, then the company will be invited in to discuss the case.

You MUST come back to the Court Case Preparation Folder to check on your case. If you fail to respond to questions in your case thread for a week, your case will probably be dismissed.

If the company decides that addressing your case at the FPA would violate their privacy rules, please download the waiver of privacy form. Print it out, fill in all the appropriate parts, and send it to the company. If the company requires physical delivery instead of scanning and emailing it, make sure to send the waiver form with a delivery service that requires a signature upon receipt. If the company doesn't like this form, they may discuss offering their own version with the FPA.

If the company shows that they are not at fault or that there is no issue, the case will be dismissed. If your evidence is insufficient to counter the company's evidence, your case will be dismissed. Your review and public thread in the FPA's Scam Alerts folder will remain to show your dissatisfaction with the company.

If the company resolves the issue to your satisfaction, we'll ask you to update your review and public postings. Then the case will be dismissed.

If the company can't or won't provide adequate answers, your case moves to the next stage.

First, the case will be moved to a public folder. There, the company will have a last chance to respond, and your fellow FPA members will be able to ask more questions and post comments. If the company can resolve the issue at this point, the case can still be dismissed. If not, it moves to the voting phase.

An email will be sent out to all FPA members asking them to please come and vote on your case. The vote will remain open for 1 week. At the end of the week, if the vote is for "Not Guilty", that will be reflected on the company's review page.

The results of all votes will be emailed out periodically to FPA members.
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