TradersWay & Why


I want to share with you a series of letters I wrote to TradersWay today. This is the best way I can think of to thank them ! They have been absolutely Awesome , and by far the best of the 5 brokers I've had to deal with.
Their Eur/Usd feed froze this morning. But no , "Sorry about your luck ."

Help !!!!
Did your server get wet ? The Feed is horrible !!!!! I couldn’t close,,, and no the files aren’t going to show me trying . No sense closing when you don’t know what’s happening . Now I’m not sure what to do.
I took pictures though. But right now I’m afraid to take my eye off the screen. Scared to be typing this letter!
It is okay now. No one called actually just one client I have on Skype let me know and we removed the liquidity provider who was screwing everything up. Sometimes their feed ruins everything. If you tried closing an order please send me the log file for today in the Journal tab and I will be happy to adjust your account balance to where it needs to be.
Like I said; I didn’t know if I should close because If I hit the button , when It came back on would I be out $100’s ,,,,,, and I would have been !
I wanted you to call me and tell me if I should close the order, and let you refunded me.
Here’s a picture of what it SHOULD have looked like.
I bought at D before the announcement.
I had a protective Order around C , in case the price really went crazy, then it was filled.
“A” Really looked like it was going to be a Evening Star, so when B started out lower but went up and had me in profit, it froze and I couldn’t close. In fact, the top of this run did not get as high on our chart as it is on this chart . IN FACT, our chart hardly looks like this chart because of all the missing candle !
(without hitting the close button , No Attempt to close would show up in log files. They would have to take my word for it.)
I understand. I will be honest and say that I did not read the second part of the last sentence because I was doing 5 separate things at once and was not able to give proper attention to all of them. That is why I didn't call you (and didn't know you requested it). Is a $100 adjustment satisfactory for the situation?
I’m down Between $450 and $525 , and you want to give me $100 ???
I’ve tried to play by your rules , by having my trades in before an announcement. But I closed my short position with a $40.50 but only because I didn’t know when it was going to freeze again. And it went about $250 lower. It’s very hard to play by the rules when you don’t know what TODAY’S rules are going to be.
And by rules for today I mean, don’t trade announcements at all. Which really sucks because that’s what moves the market.
So right now , I can close and you can adjust what I’m down, or we can see where it goes from here.
I’m broke now Joe, and can’t afford to do any more deposits, so I have to fight for every penny.

Moments later my trade was closed and my Balanced restored ! Then I received this Email.
Joe , thank you !
I’m sorry to be so demanding, but I know I can do this and I didn’t need any help screwing up.
I wasn’t really mad at you , more just mad and feeling helpless.
The fact that you fixed this just proves how awesome you guys really are !
I understand entirely how you felt. I think you should always fight for your money, especially when a price feed so utterly bad was affecting you for such an extended period of time. I was watching the feed and it was absolutely terrible. Like getting water in it as you said. I am happy to do what is right and compensate you for it.
My pleasure,

Now I know you would never get this kind of response from FXCM, The Pig, or Tallinex, especially just from TELLING them what your plan was.