TRADERUSH.COM Scammed me. I have proof.


I had an account with during 2012 with email But i closed it after i came across some problem with the platform. My account with the email was deactivated after it was inactive for long. I opened another account with on 04.02.2014 with same Name and email which traderush knows of already, because it is with this email i had account with moneybookers and did transactions. I Deposited USD 250 on 04.02.2014 and started to trade. In the first week of my trading, i had never had any problems with the platform. All my orders got filled. But when i started to gain more, i came across “OPTION TEMPORARILY SUSPENDED” error often when the maret becomes more predictable in one direction. But they started to apply fixed spread in the opposite direction. If i had to take a position, i was only allowed to take a position in the opp direction with broker’s spread applied to it. But i still managed to win and got my account balance over 2100 USD as on 21.03.2014.

In the meantime, on 19.03.2014, they deactivated the 3 SEC option cancellation screen. Regarding this i contacted support and asked why it was deactivated. They said that, i have abused the cancellation future and so they deactivated. Their terms and condition as on that date says that “The acceptable cancellation percentage cannot exceed 20% of the total number of executed trades. Cancelling more than 20% of the total number of executed trades is considered abuse of this feature and resulting profits may be forfeited from such abuse.” But my actual cancellation % as on 19.03.2014 was 12.87 (48 cancelled trades out of 373 total trades). When i gave this stat to the support team they just kept on saying that i abused it and if i want, the cancellation screen will be activated again, which they never did.

On 21.03.2014 at around 13:51, when my account balance was at 2,169 traderush suddenly deleted 1889.96 USD from my account as bonus and the very next minute they sent my 250 USD to my credit card as withdrawal. At that time there was an open trade for 20 USD which ended ITM at 14:00. When the option expired, they simply deleted my account details and access to the site was denied.
Regarding this i contacted support through chat. The chat screenshot is below:

Traderush_Jenna Morrison1.png

 First i was accused with trade cancellation abuse which i clearly stated above. I have proof for all the 418 trades out of which 48 is cancelled trade. That equates to 11.48% and it is no way near to 20% as stated in t&C Point 10.A.
 When i gave the exact % of cancellation, she could not accept. She came up with another statement that, i Charged back in my previous account with bad faith. And she declared that it is the chargback, the reason for deactivation of my account.
When i asked for proof of my chargeback i was told to contact the accounting dept. Then i contacted the accounting dept, the following is the reply mail i got from them:


Please note the date of chargeback which they claim, Oct 15, 2013 for USD 200, USD 300 in my previos account with traderush.
This is just enough to prove they are a SCAM.
I deposited USD 200, USD 300 via credit card on 16.07.2012 (please refer the proof below). Now they are saying that i did chargeback on 15.10.2013, which is after 456 days. As per my bank (my credit card was issued by ICICI bank, in my country) terms and conditions, if i had to apply for chargeback, i had to contact my bank within 75 days of transaction (before 30th September 2012) and the dispute would have been solved within 180 day at the maximum. Please refer this link Media Gallery - ICICI Bank Ltd

Proof for 200 USD Deposit – Acknowledgement from Traderush on 16.07.2012


Proof for 300 USD Deposit the same day – Acknowledgement from Traderush on 16.07.2012


When i replied them with all the proof, they have never sent any reply to me regarding the Chargeback issue they accussed me with.
It is now evident that they have stolen 1889 USD from my account for which they accused me with a Chargeback issue and Trade Cancellation abuse.

Their intention is to steal money from customers by any means. Once you get more profitable and unbeateable with their technical glitches, they will simply steal your money and they will list out bunch of lies without giving you any proofs.

When i kept on insisting them that i had not abused the cancellation future, they have now gone to the extent that they have modified their terms and conditions Para 10. A and completely removed the “20% of the total number of trades”. This just proves that TRADERUSH are trying to cover thier lies by changing their terms when i told them that i am going to expose this.

They predend like helping customers by providing education, market analysis etc. But in real, those analysis or education is not going to help you in any way. I bet you, you can never earn if you follow their guidance. They never want to hold if a customer is more profitable and his trading style is unpredictable and they can simply steal the hard earned money from customers in anyway.

 See their T&C Page before they blocked my account on 21.03.2014 --> - This is web archive page as on 17.03.2014 (the last time traderush was archived).

 The same proof here in this video 
This is google cached page as on 24th Mar 2014.

 See their T&C Page as it appears now  TradeRush - Terms & Conditions

Yes, i accept its their rule, they can change the T&C anytime they can. But not to cover up their lies.

My point is that, traderush accused me of chargeback in my previous account which is the reason they have blocked my account and stole my hard earned profits. I was asked to contact account dept. Even they confirmed with a blatant lie that i did chargeback on 15th . If the chargeback had ever happened (after 456 days) they must submit the proof of their claim right in this forum for all of us to see. I have proved Chargeback issue is a blatant lie.

I request all the good people here to help me to deal with this broker and expose their SCAM. Its my fellow trader’s money at stake with this SCAM broker.

R.Peter Fernandez
Before anything else, grab a screenshot of those old Terms and Conditions as well as the new ones.

Send an email to every address you can find for TradeRush. Ask them to please join this discussion thread and explain things.

Also, contact your bank and ask them to 100% verify whether there was any refund or chargeback on those 2 charges from 2012.
Sir, I have attached the screen shot of their T&C Before and After Pictures for proof...

T&C Before.png

The above image clearly state how cancellation future is calculated. This image was captured through Internet web archive site of Use

T&C After.png
This image was captured directly from their terms and conditions page as it appears now.

Further i called my bank and also confirmed that If there is a chargeback issue, i should have contacted them within 75 days as mentioned in their Credit card disputes page, proof below.


The actual deposit of USD 200 + USD 300 took place on 16.07.2012 (See the proof attached in the first post). Now they claim that the bank called them on 15.10.2013 (Note: after 456 days) from the bank. Their mail snap here

Mail_Chargeback_23rd Mar.png

Further their mail on 27th March

Mail_Chargeback_27th Mar.png

In both the mail they claim that the bank contacted traderush on 15.10.2013 regarding chargeback and they decided to reverse the transaction and forcefully send back the funds on 18.11.2013. Both of these happened after 1 and half year, which is not possible with any banks in the world. I also called and confirmed with my bank there has never been a chargeback in my account at any point of time as a customer with them.

Further if FPA wants i am ready to attach screen shot of my account page for the period during Nov / Dec 2013.
Looks open and shut to me. Send an email to every address you can find for TradeRush. Invite them to this thread.