Traderush withdrawal problem



Can anybody tell me or share an experience regarding traderush bonuses/ refund?

I'm having problem withdrawing as according to them I have bonus in my account but as far as I'm aware I never sign any document that said I want a bonus.

I had a bonus with them before that I sign up for(I actually signed it electronically) and I had to meet certain trading requirement before withdrawing (30x bonus amount). I met them and had withdrawn with no problem.

In recent case however. From my account manager I found out that the bonus is actually the refund from my supposedly insured trade. ( Meaning my account manager give me a trading signal and if I LOST I'll get a refund). Totally miss leading in my opinion as I'm not aware of it. And my account manager knew very well that I would like to avoid getting any bonus for the reason that it will take me a very long time to meet the trading requirement.

And from the email I receive from the accounting department I found out that if you got refund you have to trade amount of 20*bonus amount before I can withdraw.
I was so disappointed with this. However I just want to get on with this and my account manager actually promise me to help me. He met his promise by trading with me every day until I met the requirement.

So I thought. I have traded many times under supervision of my account manager that result in lost almost half of my balance from $4136 to just $2249.

Anyway The fact is I'm still not able to withdraw and I asked the accounting department to tell me how much more do I have to trade to lift my restriction. But no answer It's almost a week. and has been trying to contact my account manager for the past almost two weeks with no reply. I wonder why. To be honest in this situation I just dont want to trade anymore.

Even though I had a better experience with them earlier. I'm starting to question their honesty and customer service. The fact that I got no answer from both the accounting department and my account manager make me wonder.

I hope I can get advice or a little answer from this forum.

In the mean time I'll keep contacting them. who knows.

Thank you in advance.
So the "helpful" account manager assisted you in losing 1/2 of your account to meet the new minimum trade requirements that went into effect because of a repayment/bonus used to cover previous losses he helped you to make.

How did you fund this account?
HI thank you for your response.

Exactly. And by the way I didn't ask for the bonus. He didn't explain to me that the refund is considered bonus only with less restriction 20*bonus amount as to 30* bonus amount ( for normal bonus).
Anyway he told me that he will lower the restriction which I'm not sure whether or not it's done as I have no idea how much restriction I have.

I'm not sure how much more I have to trade as for my few failed withdraw attempt the accounting department never reply to my email when I asked how much is my restriction.
And I might be wrong.But the bonus is only $400 and if the restriction is 20*400 it will be $8000. which I believe I have met even I lost almost $2000 in a process.
By the way have not heard from my account manager for 2 weeks and have not received a reply from accounting for a week.
I fund my account with credit card and the deposit was made in 11th of July. Do you think it is still possible to contact my credit card fraud department? or I better contacted traderush first?

Thank you.
you can contact your credit card issuer for a refund.
I suggest you will give them a last chance before you charge back
@ Eddiger, Thank you for your reply.

I just finished talking on trade rush live chat service. And was told that somebody is going to contact me to let me know what is the problem.
from the chat I found out that I have traded enough more than $12000 but they said I need to do another $1000 which I object as according to their email I only need to reach $8000 for refund or $12000 for bonus

so lets wait and see.

Just a thought for anybody who wish to receive any bonus from any trader. Please bear this in mind. Only sign for it if you dont mind the restriction. And also when the broker say that your trade is insured. that just mean they will give you refund but just like a bonus there is restriction on it. And only high risk trade(60% and more) count as your trading volume.
So unless you are very high volume trader and dont mind that your money is restricted. Never sign for bonus.
I reply earlier. wonder what happen.

Anyway has contacted them and via live chat. And now waiting for somebody to call me. As it turn out I have traded more than $12000 and need to trade for another $1000. which I object as with only $400 refund. I only need to trade $8000. and if they insist that I have bonus. I only need to trade $12000 with $400 bonus. So either way I should be able to withdraw by now.

let's wait and see.. will update as soon as I hear from traderush .
Go ahead and discuss options with your credit card's issuing bank. There are deadlines for filing complaints.
Been there - been done - after 6 months of BO trading it became clear to me that you are not a customer to these people but simply a source of revenue. I had a so-called manager, was sent signals, in fact did everything right but still lost money. Believe me, via my experience, walk away and invest your money in property or something! Bonuses? Never touch them because in some cases you'd have to win 20 times the bonus money. It's a honey trap and just another sick technique by the broker to sift your money from your account.