Johan De Lange

At the end of 2013 I tried to terminate my account wit TRADERXP. My withdrawel request was cancelled by them. I then withdrew $200.00, with the intention to terminate my account. They were informed via support ticket from their website. The withdrawel request was not without a lot os hassles. I had to resubmit my fica documentation twice and then there was a transfer problem resulting in the money being wired.

I constantly asked them to tell me what amount can be withdrew to terminate the account wit no response. This was done through their live chat, support ticket from their website as well as various emails

The account was inactive waiting thei response. On 16/05/14 an inactivity fee was deducted. I again tried to contact them weekly with no resonse. The only way of communicating was through live chat, but the answer was always the same: 'would refer to finance department'.

A further inactivity fee was deducted, while I was still trying to terminate my account. On 12/12/2014 I made a copy of transcript (attached) where I received a balance on my account, whereby I made a withdrawel wich was refused. I made a second withdrawel which is pending still.

I have no ways of contacting them as not all ther phone numbers on their site work, emails do not get answered, and live chat is diconnected.

These are the emails I sent mail to:

Customer services <>
TraderXp" <>,
"Shon Park" <>,
"Maria Carmen" <>,
"Junior Padrao" <>,
"Alexandra Torres" <>,
"Alex Stren" <>,
"Adam Ansari" <>

Attached: transcript, Account


Typical scammers. They'll delay you and eat your account.

What country are you in?