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Discuss TradeTheTurn.com

General discussions of a financial company
MODERATION NOTE: "Whicked" owns a competing service. It is within reason for competing services to debate. However, including a link to YouTube videos advertising a competing service are not welcome in another service's thread.

Even though I may have a competing service to Trade the Turn, I was a paying customer of theirs.

They now have even contacted FPA stating that those that purchased the software are not customers of theirs. Even me. You may try to cover the tracks internally, but you forget that most of those that are requesting returns went through PayPal, they can and should post their receipts here to show they are indeed customers.

Here's the payment history (Totaling $6448):

2013-09-04_1221 - WHICKED's library

Each invoice paid to amy@tradetheturn.com

As well, if I was not a paying customer, why then would I also be paying for their 'cloud' fee?

2013-09-04_1224 - WHICKED's library

Each billed to brain@xpnetworks.com

Here is the rundown on what happened. I purchased the system on November 9th, 2012 with the payment plan option.

I received access to the 'cloud' the following week and started using the system. It is true I used the system for approximately a year and paid off the entire amount that I owed.

I then met another community member, Jack Cobb around June 2013. Up until this point I used 'their' system and was having success with it, not going to deny that. Never did deny that. And when I say I did not deny that I do not deny that they system works, however I deny that the system is theirs.

After talking with Jack Cobb, and more community members, each one felt like they were not understanding the webinars, or tutorials. So we branched off and started helping those community members learn.

Jack and myself started doing research on the so called 'algorithms' on July 2013. It turns out that all of them are indicators that are out on the web, some proprietary, and some free.

Jack and myself took the code with consent from the developers and reworked each indicator that TTT so called created and made the exact same platform.

Don't believe us? Go to youtube and watch the videos:
Moderation Note: Link to videos offered by competing service removed.

We know how each indicator works, how they manipulated it.

And now they have the NewPro4 or 5 template with the DOT or snap indicator. It is a parabolic indicator with a leveling function. Slinky2 is increasing the bar history amount and speed at which it draws the line (I-RegR with timing differences).

Check with FXCM, email them: info@fxcm.com. Ask them if Trade the Turn is authorized through them to receive commissions from their platform.

Also, check anywhere on the internet or NFA or CFTC websites. There is no rule or regulation that states it is against giving trading advice in the form of signals to customers.

Check the NFA and CFTC for cases against Dennis and Chuck (Charles). There are a few on them.

The only reason why we even offered a competing service was because of all this information. We offered the community as a free, teach and educate community. It then evolved to where it is now due to the actions from Trade the Turn.

Ask them if they cut off the community members access to their system, even though most of them were paying for it. Ask them how many of the community members that asked for a refund got a refund. Ask them how many community members paid for the product, but did not receive access.

And if you still don't believe us... ask our community, you may be in for a shock on who is actually a part of it.
Trade The Turn

Hello, Please feel free to contact Trade The Turn with any questions at 949-681-8494. Or if you would like to see our trading education and software system working on a live market, please register for our free webinar classes on our site @ Trading Software | Real-Time Algorithms Trading Education We look forward to showing you in real time how well our trading members are doing.
I've been paper-trading with TradetheTurn for about the last 5 weeks. Starting to make consistent profits now. As you say, the system and training works if you follow it. Haven't had any payment issues. Whatever the indicators may be, I think the real value isn't in the indicators, it's in the live training Monday-Friday 5+ hours a day. A team you can ask questions to and discuss with. With a trader with 30+ years trading experience on Wall Street. We looked into the cases against Dennis and Chuck, they were pretty minor. I've learned so much about what to do right, and more importantly what not to do. I've been trading Equities and Forex since the early 90s and haven't seen indicators anything like TradetheTurns, and definitely not the ongoing support and training live. For my money, a system that works with unlimited ongoing training is pretty hard to beat.
In 2009 as a newbie trader who knew just enough... I got lucky and turned a few thousand bucks into three times as much. However, shortly thereafter I lost it all...largely because I was a newbie trader who (clearly) didn't know nearly as much as I needed to be consistently successful. That humbling loss made me stay away from trading (for all this time) for fear of repeating that nightmare. That was, of course, until being introduced to the TradetheTurn team and their signature statistical platform. Although I'm currently only demo trading (and even though this amazing tool literally shows me the turns real-time), I can see a big difference in my approach, discipline and respect for trading. And that's largely due to the DAILY LIVE TRAININGS and PRIVATE MENTORING that I'm getting in addition to life-time access to this premier platform. And while the entire T3 team has been great, Anthony (DiMarcello) has been especially helpful, patient and extremely accessible for any one-on-one trainings and/or questions about using this robust tool. I'm so blessed and thankful that I not only gained a cutting-edge trading tool, but also a cutting-edge team and community to help me grow into the consistent trader I'm committed to becoming by working at it diligently & (most importantly)...consistently.
Thanks, TradeTheTurn!