TradeviewForex Claims to be something they are not. They are not ECN and I have proof

Yes I saw their response and it is false.
After my last withdrawal, I had earnings/withdrawals around $35K, just after that is when this dodgy broker manipulated their platform and made me lose coincidently $35K in 10 trades. Thay say something about margis, and it is not true, because the account ended up in $15K at that moment.
I asked for 3 reports
  1. Slippage report (whole month, not specific dates)
  2. Bridge Logs (same period of time)
  3. Liquidity provider
They only provided Slippage report. The first one they sent was the specific date when that happened, I havent asked for thar specific date. After that, they sent me 2 more slippage reports, midified and where you can see 3 different information.
3 images are the reports they sent and the other 2 images shows in colors the inconsistences.
I kept asking for the BRIDGE LOGS where we can see what really happened with htose 10 trades in coding, but they refuses to send it everytime
I one conversation with Michael Turk (Globa Head of Liquidity), he told me that they are the counterparty of all my trades.
Meaning that if I make money, they lose money. If I would it known this, i have never would it work with them. They claim to be ECN in all their ads and page.

After back and forward of emails, and regulators doing nothing, we settle. I just wanted my moey back and leave and the refused to do so.
I took the agreement hoping they stop playing games, but never did. Running another accunt with same trades, the account with tradeview kept taking loses and the other accunt taking profits.
Typically brokerage firms do not respond to posts on bulletin board. However, sometimes there are valuable lessons to share with others by responding to Mr. Zamora. The three most important considerations in trading are risk management, cash management and strategy implementation. Traders who know what they are doing, unlike Mr. Zamora, always ensure that they do not overextend themselves by building big positions using high leverage without retaining sufficient margin in their accounts to maintain the positions. That is cash management. Risk management involves understanding the market (even on the most basic level) and planning for when the market moves against you. That is risk management. We can assure you that Mr. Zamora does not understand either cash management or risk management. More importantly, however, he does not understand strategy development and implementation. Mr. Zamora apparently confused luck with knowledge and skill. Mr. Zamora, on more than one occasion, came crying to us that Tradeview had liquidated his positions. It's true. The software automatically did liquidate his positions because he did not have sufficient margin to maintain them. We find it interesting that out of thousands of clients, Mr. Zamora is the only client who consistently and repeatedly cries about liquidation. Professionals accept their losses, adjust their approach and move on with a deeper understanding of how the markets work. In fact, we even credit back his first loss and allowed Mr. Zamora to trade with our money and he lost that money and. like clock work, he came crying, again, that we had liquidated his positions. Let's face it, some traders know what they are doing and others do not. Mr. Zamora does not know what he is doing and isn't man enough to step up and take responsibility for his failures. We suggest that Mr. Zamora find some other way to spend his time since it is clear that he does not have the temperament to ever become a competent trader. All good traders, regardless of their skill level, recognize their errors and learn from them. Mr. Zamora is incapable of taking responsibility for his errors.
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1,They didn't answer any of the questions above..
2, There is clear discrepancys in the slippage reports they provided and they didn't provide the backend bridge logs so the spread sheets they provided showing slippage has nothing credible to reference to.
3, there was one time you were liquidated all positions would of gone to TP and the time you did get the liquidated positions it was the next trading day after a slow withdrawal and they liquidated positions to the same value that had been withdrawn
4 not sure why you keep mentioning having a liquidation issue mutiple times as it was only the one time after the big withdrawal. Suppose you're trying to make yourself look better but it's very unprofessional to lie
5 you stated you provided a credit to the amount of the first loss? Yet there was only one liquidation and you didn't provide credit for that full amount. So also false.
6, you skipped the whole we advertise as a ECN broker but then say in emails (see attached) that we are the party trading against you
7, you have made a lot of bold statements saying it was my trading and attacking me, yet you have skipped everything that has been asked for months now. And if it was my fault wouldn't a creditable broker just provide the backend bridge logs so the false slippage reports that you provided could be verified I've put the numbers above so hopefully when you respond you can respond to the issues above in paragraphs and not write a story about how you're upset that I'm sick of your games and lies
Please upload a proper trading statement so that we can see what actually happened to the account.
A proper trading statement? What i have shown is what they provided to me. 3 slippage reports (excel sheet) with inconsistences in the 3 reports. They never wanted to provide the bridge logs backend in order to proove my trading sucks
A proper trading statement? What i have shown is what they provided to me. 3 slippage reports (excel sheet) with inconsistences in the 3 reports. They never wanted to provide the bridge logs backend in order to proove my trading sucks
The first time I asked for information was the following:
1. Slippage report from April (whole month)
2. Bridge Log
3. Liquidity Provider (who took the other side of my trades)

They just provide slippage report from the exact date when they liquidated 10 trades that made me lose $35K. They know what i was looking for, never asked for that date specificllly.
A proper trading statement? What i have shown is what they provided to me. 3 slippage reports (excel sheet) with inconsistences in the 3 reports. They never wanted to provide the bridge logs backend in order to proove my trading sucks
Ok, sorry I wasn't clear. By proper trading statement I meant the trading statement that you can generate off your trading terminal. Do you use MT4?