Trading Account Insurance


I agree with other forum members. I have also never heard about any sort of trading insurance protection. It just dosent have a sense, because sometimes trading involves large losses. So, either this is a scam, either you have misunderstood something


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I a never hear if there are insurance in forex for losing trades, I am worried if these account manager just want to cheat you and your money remain gone.


Perhaps the account does not have enough margin. The account is approaching the stop out level. Therefore, he needs additional funds to cover the margin. Most likely this is not insurance, but an attempt to wait out when the market turns around in order to win back.


It's my first post on here so I hope I've selected the correct forum area.

I've had a trading account with Libra Markets for over six months now. I have an account manager who does all the trading for me and phones me weekly to discuss my account and answer any questions I may have. The majority of trading is predominantly done by robot with a couple of days a week done by my account manager. I'm very pleased with the performance of my account - which has almost doubled in value since opening it.

This week, my account manager contacted me explaining that due to the volatility of the trading market there was a high risk of me losing my investment. He was proposing that I should pay €6,000.00 for insurance cover which in the event of me losing money, it would pay out 100% of the loss. Also, it would add €4,000.00 into my account for trading. I have no way of verifying with anyone else if all this is true or am I being coerced into something I do not really need?

I've been unable to find any further information on this sort of thing. Is this something anyone else has heard of being offered to Cryptocurrency trading market account holders? On one hand I feel I maybe being set up but conversely I do not want to lose my significant amount of investment.
Sounds like crap to me.

You should only put in what you can afford to lose. If you lose it- then it's not the end of the world.


Legal broker will always be neutral position, they wouldnt provide account management service officially. However, account insurance only exist in money game, where trader money will pool together and those capital not place isolated account, which locate in private. If one day desire to run, investors' capital will disappear.