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This is dedicated to Traders who want to make living with it. I will try to share best trading possibilites in Euro/Usd, Gbp/Usd,Nzd/Usd,Aud/usd and Gold and sometimes Crude. Hope it will benefit all . Your valuable suggestions will be highly appreciated.Thank you
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It is a dream of almost every forex trader to trade for living but its not easy to achieve. It requires a lot of training and a lot of patience. After this you need a reasonable capital in your trading account to make enough amount that fulfills your monthly expenses.
Each and every trader who want to start his journey in the FX World, wants to make his life from this market but in practical world it in not possible for each and every one to be successful, so as a trader you also need to be prepared for the losses also, and everyone make mistakes in this market but the person who learn from his mistakes is the one who succeed in this market.
How to trade the forex for a living?

....hehehe....very simple really! Just have AUD1m and trade like in the attachment :cool:.........and you get very good daily positive swaps too :p


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What about TP and SL, your trading tips without that information seems to be detrimental rather than useful. If you really want to contribute try to give max instructions about a trade.

Well mate, that's why you need your own analysis. Don't follow others
Follow-up to : How to trade the forex for a living?

Well, the very simple carry-trade strategy show that in a matter of a week, a AUD1m account can realize 27.44% increase over capital and if the position is left to run for 365 days (assuming interest for ruble remain the same) positive swaps will amount to approx AUD62,433.25

So, yes, you can earn a living from trading the forex..........just have the money to do so in the first place because it takes money to make money :cool:


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Living on trading is not easy to achieve. But if you are consistent then you can become a full time trader. But my advice is that you must do something other than trading, so that you don't remain glued to charts all day long.