Trading forex


I think that such a statement is the bright representation of being arrogant.
There is nothing bad in forex if you know how to trade. I don't know what was the context of your discussion that a trader told you not to start trading, but the key idea that you should bear in mind while making your decision concerning forex is that this kind of activity demands huge amount of time and efforts in order to be a success in this sphere. It is something like you'll never be the best F1 pilot in the world if you cannot drive. Every activity demands some sort of expertise if you want to earn money there and forex in not an exception. Another thing is that it is extremely hard to become a successful and consistent trader. You'll have to learn tons of information and apply the knowledge on practice. More than that, you have to work on your psychology as well in order not to be influenced by your emotions. The funniest thing is that nobody can guarantee you a good result even after the hard work is done. So, you've got to be persistant and motivated all the time whatever happens, otherwise you'll become too discouraged and depressed with no money in your pocket.
To cut a long story short, you can start trading if you are ready to learn a lot and do the hard work. Trading forex is not an easy walk and the journey which awaits you is full of different challenges that you have to overcome in order to make decent and consistent profits.