Trading signals - Where do I find them


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Looking at the latest signal from Crazy Cat which said:-
"We have Australian Employment Report coming out. It is expected to read 20.0. Last month it read 33.7."
followed by:-
"The trigger for this indicator is 25.0 This means that if Australian Employment comes out at 45.0 or more etc,etc"

My question is where do I find this information to see if these numbers are reached?

I went to the Forex News Calendar page which at 1157 Australian time and 2157 New York time showed the numbers below:-

11:30 AUD Employment Change m/m(Actual 26.9)(Forcast 20)(Previous33.7)(revision35.3)

Are these the numbers that the trigger refers too? If so it really does not mean much to me from the information I receive.

Sorry to seem a bit dumb here but can anyone explain this a little clearer.

Allan :confused: