Trading spike against the strong trend


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where it all begins

hi rpaco,

a distant ship, smoke on the horizon
you are only coming through in waves
i cannot put my finger on it now

it starts with one's own hunger i suppose
someone responds
if it were a crumb go ahead and gobble it
but if it were more like an ear of corn
you wouldn't just go hungry
you'd start peeling back

all i can say for now is that i am beginning a book
so i can't really put it out on the web

i'll be discussing elliot wave no matter what though
cuz to answer your question the wave is the horse
there is no other driver
the wave is going to complete itself within
the tight small ruleset without any error or violation.
this is what has been shown to me
perfect is perfect
what can you say
the news around the corner is the waveform around the corner.
we will just have to learn the waves
if we are to know what to expect

i can tell you one thing...
that this is a truth:
call on me and i will answer you and show
you mighty things which you know not.
Jeremiah 33:3

just a little pinprick
there'll be no more AHHHHH!!!
but you may feel a little sick
that'll keep you going thru the show
c'mon it's time to go


Your lips move but I can’t hear what you’re sayin’.

Wave, Particle, Horse? I feel we have added something to the great debate here. (possibly the horse)

So reading between the lines, its a matter of time frames to fit.
Tomorrow's pothole is already being dug. Events will happen to fit the cycle.

Just realised who you are, didn't you have some big bust up with Buck Rogers? Laser guns space ships etc.

There is no pain, you are receding.....
In the absence of an Elliot thread I'll be leaving you now sir, ....


Spike trading works great as long as you use appropriate stops. If teh price spikes a lot then it can move further.


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It's possible, as long as you can predict that the spike will occur. I, personally, try to avoid trading spikes though.
This trading technique is not a new thing. It is an old technique which used by many traders to trade. Basically using this technique trader buy, sell or exchange the currencies in discount rate. Many trader follows news trends. But to follow news trends trader also need a strong trading support from their broker. Because you will not analyze the news properly if you don’t have a strong trading support.