Trading the Week Ahead: 27th May 2024


Financialsource Representative

This week is set to be a relatively quiet week, but there are a few key events that could offer some trading opportunities.

On Tuesday, US consumer confidence figures will be released. Given the context of recent firmer US PMI data and hawkish FOMC minutes, a stronger consumer confidence report could reinforce dollar strength. This is something I'll be watching closely as it may influence EUR/USD and the dollar index.

The highlight of the week will likely be the PCE print towards the end—this is the Fed's preferred measure of inflation. Any surprises here could significantly impact market expectations regarding future Fed moves. A higher than expected PCE could lead to dollar buying and potential selling in equity markets like the S&P 500 and Nasdaq, while a lower figure could have the opposite effect, boosting riskier assets.

Throughout the week, I'll also be keeping an eye on the CPI data from various regions, including Australia and Germany, as these could influence market perceptions of inflation and central bank policies in those regions.

Though it’s quieter this week, the events mentioned are significant enough to warrant close monitoring, especially the PCE print at the end of the week. I hope you find this outlook helpful as you plan your trading strategies for the week. Let’s make it a good one!