Trading the Week Ahead: 3rd June 2024


Financialsource Representative

Looking at this week's main tradable opportunities, Tuesday brings the Swiss CPI print, a key indicator to watch given recent comments by the SNB's Jordan about inflation risks and the weak Swiss franc. A higher-than-expected inflation print could strengthen the franc, reversing some of its recent losses.

The action continues with German unemployment data, which could affect the euro, especially if it shows strength in Germany's economy. This could potentially lift the euro, particularly against the pound, amidst current market biases.

The US nonfarm payrolls at the end of the week will be a focal point, likely setting the tone for the dollar and potentially impacting broader market sentiments. This data, along with the Canadian jobs data and GDP updates, will be crucial in shaping market expectations, especially following the Bank of Canada's rate decision earlier in the week.

This week is packed with significant data releases and central bank decisions, offering numerous trading opportunities across major currencies and commodities.