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Trading Using Price Action Strategy "More than 500 pips a Month "

Discussion in 'Commercial Trade Journals' started by Fx7days, Jul 2, 2011.

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    Jul 2, 2011
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    :):confused::)Trading Using Price Action "More than 500 pips a Month Using the system "

    Hey everyone , i wanted to show you how that you can use price action to determine weather the price going up and down , through simple tools like Support & Resistance , Trend lines and Japanese Candle sticks

    My story with forex started 4 years ago , when i started to trade smaller time frames like the 15 mins time frame , using the same price action im using now but with Stochastic , But now i realized that the bigger time frames are more accurate , and you dong have to set the hall day in front of the screen waiting for signal to come ......

    Now i dont use Stochastic any more but i use the SMA 50 , 100 and 200 SMA , they are playing big role as support and resistance in the biger time frames starting from the daily chart

    Some times the stop loss is bigger than the target but you can manage this through your risk .

    Trading on the bigger time frames will give you clue what is happening in the small time frames too

    So for example if you see an Inside bar and you should sell now in the smaller time frame and you know in the daily chart showing long patter you will never short it because you want to play it big

    in the next days i will write here some signals and explanation how to use this system probably.

    if you want to check my history trading this system and how much i made in the last 8 month you can check my twitter account , every trade is registered with date, every one knows you cant edit your posts in FB or Twitter under Fx7days name on Twitter.

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    Her pips allot

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