Trading with several brokers


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As for now, I'm experimenting with using separate strategies for each account, but yes, previously I used one tool of such kind - Forex Copier. When I was looking for something allowing to "share" orders among several accounts I found that there are many tools intended for such purpose, the one mentioned above was the most comfortable. For sure, it would take some time to get familiar with it but as a result, you will get a quite effective solution.
By the way, it has one interesting feature I`ve always wanted to try - so-called reverse trading when the system executes inverted order. In theory, if most of the signals provided are false, such approach is very promising. At the same time, it seems to be complicated enough to develop proper risk management rules for such a strategy.
Thank you. I'll check it. The reverse trading thing is interesting as was thinking if that would work, and if yes, why isn't everybody using it.


I see very high spread on fxopen and they charge you for depositing as well. This is pure non sense by any broker if they are charging a fees on deposit of funds.

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If your broker is good and you don't need any additional assets that you broker doesn't offer, so that's no reason to find one more, as that's will split your attention and won't give any benefits.
I'm trading with one broker now. How many brokers do you guys usually use? 1,2 or maybe more?
it depends. i usually float between 2 because I like to use one particular broker for fx spreads while the other one i use is better in terms of leverage and spreads for crypto trading, and also FX to be fair but i like them both so i flick between the two. no hard in it but some people like to just have one, but i know some people that use 4