and TTCM Traders Trust Capital Markets Limited Scammer


# connecting me with salesman who work in both company and mother company TTCM Traders Trust Capital Markets Limited .

# he give my incorrect data for advertising promotion .

1- 100% bouns you can use it as fully credit

2- if you open Islamic account , there is no swap , or any charge ,before 48 hour from open position .

3- he say we protect half the money you deposite , then you will never lose more than the the half the money you deposite .

# they login to my account without send any alert email sms call and create opposite order , i think they do that to protect the bounus.Order: 4510451. then change it to zero size lot .

# then they close my order : 4480575 and disappear they other Order : 4510451.

# when i send email with this Complaint , they never reply to my email , just remove all account history .


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Send an email with a link to this thread to every address you can find for TTCM and Ask them to please come here and explain what happened.