hello my name is john steele, I'm contacting you because I've been scammed by a broker called Tradorax. Now I deposited money without taking any bonuses or anything like that and I'm verified, so I decided to withdraw but they cancelled it and kept cancelling it about 7 times. I've tried calling them but they have blocked my mobile number, so one day if tried to use a different phone and I rang them but when they asked for my name they hung up on me which is so rude! I've tried sending emails and contacting them via their live chat but still no answer this has been happening for about a month now! Also the other week they decided to block my account so I can't access it anymore. I'm out of options and I'm praying that you can do something about this. my username on Tradorax is kurtissteebert.
Please also email a link to this thread to all the addresses you have for them. Post an update here when you've done that.