Greetings All,
Tradorax is trying with all it's might to not give me my money. Few weeks ago i started using tradorax to trade (by myself) and everything was going smoothly until they took £150 using my credit card without my authorization. I saw it the next day and i immediately applied for a withdrawal; which as you might have guessed, was not approved. I woke up the following day to see that my account had undergone a £200 the night before and lost (i only do £25 trades max). I contacted them about this and they said they were hacked and they would refund my money. Now they are saying it would take 6 months to look into the situation. I am perplexed by the situtaion honestly.
If they made an unauthorized withdrawal, contact your card's issuing bank immediately. Ask to speak to the fraud department. Explain exactly what happened and ask about a chargeback.