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Trevor Cook and Patrick Kiley: Partners in Crime

Former FPA member and FPA confirmed scammer Marc Trimble wrote in. He claims he never lived at the mansion mentioned in the first post in this thread. I told him that was from a news article that was referenced in the post. He replied...

I can tell you that I certainly NEVER lived in a mansion. I believe a closer reading of the article will reveal this fact.

The text of the news article says...

Zayed also has seized the historic Van Dusen mansion just south of downtown Minneapolis. He said it appeared that Kiley, Trevor and Graham Cook, and business associate Marc Trimble, a St. Paul information technology expert, had been living in the mansion

Marc's response to that was that the article said it "appeared" that he had been living there. It is true that the article doesn't prove that he was living there. It does not give any fact to say that he may not have been living there. Marc has already had some fact issues with the FPA. His definition of fact isn't the same one that my dictionary uses.

I asked him twice about his offer to buy out Crown Forex accounts for 90% of their value. I asked him about why his living arrangements were of such concern, considering the other things he's done at the FPA. He didn't seem to want to elaborate on that. He blamed the real investigation of UBFX and also claimed he didn't want to associate with "those kind of people" while referring to a non-existent FBI investigation of the FPA's founders.

Maybe Marc and his fellow scammers were just having a slumber party when the mansion got confiscated. ;)
Typical conman style statements again. First, Marc tried to twist a less than firm wording of a news story into stating the opposite as a "fact". Then he hides behind excuses to avoid taking any responsibility for his actions and also attacks the credibility of those who disagree with him or reveal facts.
Prison meat

I predict that in the near future(less than 1 year) the net worth of any of these thieving bastards will be the pack of smokes they are traded for nightly in prison.Hey Marc-when "big blue" is laying on top of you in your cell-tell 'em FPA sent you!:)