Trouble withdrawing my funds from OPTIMARKETS


Recently, I was contacted by a Senior Accounts Manager (SAM) from Optimarkets offering me a bonus of $500 if I deposited $500 of my own. I did that and the bonus was duely paid into my account. The offer was that I he would trade on my behalf.This was done and for a week or so I received, as a bonus the profit of the trades made.
However, this Sam was very soon replaced. The new appointee promised continued education on binary trading but NOT assisted trading. Because the new SAM did not fulfill her promise, and after I contacted her about this on several occasions with little hope of her honouring her promise, I decided to withdraw MY own funds and sacrificing all of the bonuses.
I filled out all of the relative withdrawal form. Subsequently, they requested a copy of my passport, first four and last four digits of my credit card and a copy of a current utilities notice all of which was furnished to them.
A little over a week later I wrote to Optimarkets enquiring why my funds had not been returned.
In anwer they wrote as follows :

We apologize for the delays. We are aware that this is a problem, and are working closely with our bank to fix this as quickly as possible. We realize the importance of receiving your funds quickly and appreciate all your patience.
Best Regards

Further enquiries by me were totally ignored without even an acknowledgement that these had been received by them. Now, I am unable to contact ANYONE there at all, including their finance department. Looking at scam sites on the internet, many others are complaining of similar treatment.

Are you able to assist me in this matter ?
You deposited by credit card, right?

Call the issuing bank for your credit card. Ask to speak to someone from the fraud department. Carefully explain all the details about what is going on to that person. Then if a chargeback is appropriate to recover your deposit.

Report back and let everyone know what happens.
Mean runarounds... You should stay away from little-know BO brokers, as in most cases they appeared to be a truly scam
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