TRUFFA con BOcapital


[langtitle=it]TRUFFA con BOcapital[/langtitle]

nn aprite assolutamente niente con BOcapital e' assolutamente 1 TRUFFA NN VI RENDERANNO MAI I VOSTRI SOLDI ed e' allacciata a TRADING XP LI E' LA STESSA CS NN VI RENDERANNO MAI I VS SOLDI
gli intermediari con cui parlere, cercheranno in tutti i modi di convinervi ad investire in 1 treid vincente NN FATEVI FREGARE nn aprite assolutamente niente con queste 2 societa'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Could you provide a few more details.

Did you have a problem withdrawing money, or was there an issue trading?
We understand your anger and nervousness Alberto but try to calm a little and provide us with full details of your problem with BOcapital!!!

Fill your claims with evidences because your post only describes being cheated in trading by the broker but nothing to build on for complaint.
This is a not regulated option broker.They were founded in 2011,operate out of Romania (via call center?) and seem to be regulated in Cyprus.Their address is:Nasaud 97 St, camera 3.02, Sector 5, Bucharest
Umh!...all bad signs,but of course,we expect alberto files his claims specifically.