tulipfx not honoring terms and conditions


I guess I have to take back what I said.

I have been able to contact Tulip FX and reached a happy outcome.

Perhaps I should have waited longer before making this post.

All i can say is that TulipFX is legitimate business and I like their EA

Thank you
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Oooohhhh... that is an intriguing one. You're allowed to resume a subscription at the current price, but the terms have changed from subscription to a single fee.

Were existing subscribers who weren't on hold just told "Surprise! No more monthly fees." or were they offered a chance to switch over to the single payment at a reasonable discount?
Go ahead and give them a shiny 1 star review and lay out the situation for all to see. Invite anyone else you know who has the same problem to do the same. That may finally get their attention.