tune-forex is a scam!


I am one of traders in tune-forex with account number 5972.

I Sold Eur/Usd in two positions. First 0.02 lot at 1.3444 and second 0.01 lot at 1.3500. Last Friday, oct 7th 2011 Eur/Usd touched high at 1.3523 then moved down in next candle with high 1.3512. When eur/usd moved down (rally) my account got Margin Call at 1.3512.

So i contacted its support by email, here's my first email:

"I wanna ask you about my Margin Call. As you see in the picture of my attachment i traded eur/usd at sell positions (2 open positions (1 at 1.3500 and other at 1.3444) both on sort position). The highest point of those candles was at 1.3523. Then you see on the latest candle with rally candle (down) started high at 1.3512.

My question is :
- If i "should" got a Margin Call, why it didn't takes all my positions at the highest candle on 1.3523 or above? then why it was take at 1.3512 on next candle? we're all know that 1.3512 is lower than 1.3523 isn't it?

Now that pair with the last candle is down, thats mean i got take profits and reduce the minus point. I really dont understand with this situation. I've been trading for 5 years with much brokers and this is the first time happen in my trading-life (see my question). Now i'm thinking that is just a trick of your system to avoid a trader get profit, i hope i wrong thinking like this.

Now I just want the explanations and hope get my money back absolutely with profits i gained.

But their answer was " According to our terms of use and bonus conditions which you have agreed on electronically upon opening your account, your bonus becomes void upon loss equal to the credit bonus amount. Our margin call is 50% which means you get a warning to support your account with more funds or close position when your free margin is equal to 50% and when your account free margin hits 40% when your account free margin hits 40%, the system will stop out the highest loosing position where positions are closed to avoid further loss of equity that you do not own.
Margin call and stop out are preformed automatically by MT4 and we have had no errors with the price feed. A kind reminder to also keep in mind that Japanese candle sticks do not display spreads and this causes the slight difference between price on candle and actual market price." Looks like a copy-paste sentences.

And then i replied their email with another question "Sir/madam, i think my question in my last email so clearly to understand. Let me ask you one thing beside my first question Sir/madam, if you answer "Our margin call is 50% which means you get a warning to support your account with more funds or close position when your free margin is equal to 50%..." then took my position to Margin Call at 1.3512, tell me how much the percentage when the price touched 1.3523 (as we know this price was a highest price)? why didn't the Margin Call took my positions at 1.3523?? Look, we never talk bout Japanese candle stick, those prices happened are Market Price as we seen on the chart.
My question is simple sir, why Margin Call didn't take my positions at 1.3523 but at 1.3512 on next candle?

Till now they don't reply my last email. With this forum of FPA scam Alert i hope my case can be helped and clear.
Thank you. :)


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Dead Money

We are talking about a broker who offers the Ib's the 50% of the client lost money.
what do you expect from these guys?
Sorry to inform you buddy but your money is Dead... Dead don't come back!
Unfortunately, my experience is anytime you get a margin call, expect the worst to happen.

I understand what you are saying, that they should have actually closed your position out at a worse price then they did (1.3523 vs 1.3512). However, I also understand that if the market would have continued to go against you, you probably would have been happy to get closed out at 1.3512, but since the market moved in your favor, you think they should have left your positions open.

The question is was their a margin call at the time they closed your positions?