Turn $10 into $1000 in a day by forex trading


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Unless you are able to make a strong risk reward ratio in a single day, I cannot see that happening, to be frank.


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In my opinion, maybe it sounds quite pessimistically, it's impossible. The only way one can try it is scalping, however I don't think that it takes only a day. Maybe some professional tradesr from wall street can show others such focuses, but a common trader isn't able to make such amount of money in one day. Guess that it's something from the sphere of fiction, you know. If you're lucky man maybe you can try to do such thing, nobody prohibits you, but I think more that you can reach per day from this amount of money is 100-150$. If one can do that then he must be a very wealthy and lucky person.
Yea, scalping + higher lot size might work, but still this is too risky


It would not be trading if someone turns his $10 to $1000 in a day. If someone promises you this, take my note, he never is a trader. Trading is a serious business. It is not gambling. If it is not dealt accordingly, it will hurt you badly.


Perhaps, it is possible heoretically but it is highly unlikely.
In this case you've got to take too huge risks in order to achieve this goal. It is very hard to make accurate predictions within such a short timeframe. Therefore you need to be lucky that day because otherwise you'll lose this money. Here the situation of all or nothing which is rather inappropriate for trading forex. I advise you to abandon such thoughts and start learning forex if you really want to connect your life with it. Trading is a hard thing to do because it requires lots of knowledge and skills along with the psychological stability and common sense. If you keep o thinking about such outrageous ideas as to make $1000 out of $10, you'll have too high expectations and they will affect your trading decisions.