Tutorial: How to Invite a company to your thread.


Hello All,

After the FPA Traders Court update, many OP`s (Original Poster) are asking how to invite a company to the thread. So, here is the Tutorial on how to Invite a company to your thread.

After opening a thread you will get an option called "Edit Company Invitation" at your left-hand side, (You can check the screenshot) click on it.

Now, you will get two options "Invite now or Invite later (ShortForm of the options there)".

Click on Invite now and fill the form to Invite a company at your thread as mentioned below.

Choose the company from the drop-down menu.
2. Insert the Company email and if you got more than 1 email then you can add those by clicking "Add additional contact."
3. Now, click on submit and you are done with filling the form. Wait, still, there is a procedure to follow (check the next Image :).

Now, after the filling the form you will get back to your thread with options called Invite Company as shown in below image. Click on it.

Here we came to the last step, Click on "Confirm Invitation" and you are done with invite a company to your thread :)

Edit: When you fill the form, make sure you fill it accordingly and the invite sent is not confirmed till you see the below message in your thread...

The OP has invited the company to this discussion on ......

Note: The Invite Company button only becomes visible 96 hours after the first post is made in the thread. Also, the OP (thread starter) must make at least one additional post in the thread to make the button visible. Only the OP can see the Invite Company button.

That's it :)
Please what will I do when I can't find the company name on the drop down?

FPA Forums Team Note: Select "Other Company".