Two employees threaten to sue the FPA over a forums post

Very well handled, your persistent requests for them to discuss this matter in an adult fashion has fallen on deaf ears - this indicates the maturity of the people AND their argument.
Thank you for your excellent work, I'm sure you have the whole of the FPA backing you up.
Well done!! FPA is obviously having an effect on this criminal industry. I am glad that they are complaining because that means that we, the members, are hurting the scammers. Keep up the good work.

Does not surprise me one bit
I have been dabbling with Forex/Binary for over 3 x years now
and i stopped taking interest in B/Options after about 18 mths because -
My experience says ALL Binary Options brokers are bent and not to be trusted
(If you want to throw your hard earned money away to these corrupt companies- carry On )
I DO NOT : )