(ua-fx.com) scam FX company


This company is a Scam FX company
and they creat an site to marketing for thier services as a managed FX accounts, the site befor they closed is : bitcoin-bank-uafx.com/ and the named thierself (Bank Bapita)
location In Canada, and the client amount was sent to a bank RIETUMU BANKA in Latvia
on 03 July 2016 all the staff disappear, no meta-trader work no phone reply all Emails back as a failure.
The responsible CSO is Syrian guy named Qusai, his phone (when he was reply) +12046661744
Send an email to every address you have for them. Give the the link to this thread and invite them to come and join the discussion.
unfortunately they disconnected the server i think, bcoz when I try to send an Email, It's back with msg (Delivery to the following recipients failed.)
Really sorry to hear about your bad experience with them.
Their website is not very professional.
It mentions nothing about if and where they are registered.
Really difficult even to figure out how to start chasing them.
I escalated the case already to the bank in Latvia and to the central Bank of latvia, and i still waiting their investigation