UBFX/KILEY Fraud Update


I was Chief Master Sergeant, now Known as REDHORSE even though I am still a real Chief! USAF

Being a novice at FOREX I manged to give away all my money to Pat Kiley. Now my mission is to see this miscreant brought to justice. I have collected many Web Links, and other resourses including a local Radio Station that used to carry " Follow the Crooks...oops Money". I have sucessfully contacted the CFTC and iniated a complaint. I have been contacted by many other individuals in similar circumstance. I will gladly act as focal point to gather resourses and organize us into a visible and vocal group to get our story out.

If any of you seasoned vets want to assist, your help is most welcome. Flamers and know-it-alls please go deride someone else. I'm not looking for anything other than justice and to recover our money if possible. Anyone who can get on international Radio and pretend to pray and point the finger of moral comdenation at the rest of America needs be brought down, with the Lord's help we'll do it.

anyone can e-mail at tannis1@comcast.net

Cell 904-304-4415


It is time to bring the crooks to justice

It is unbelievable how I got sucked into this. I did talk to Pat in April regarding my statement and earnings which in looking back, smoothly convinced me everything was wonderful based upon his great trading program. I want to recover my funds but I also want this scam master to be brought to justice and never enjoy any of his unjustly received rewards. I know little about the process but I am willing to help in whatever way I can.
My email is dsennis@msn.com.